Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride
Chapter 919: Not a Particle of Truth

Chapter 919 Not a Particle of Truth

Tang Yulan raised her hand and stroked Mumu’s head.

There was no wound on her hand.

When Kang Ruicheng began to torture her, he said that there must be wounds on her body so Lu Boyan would feel distressed and he would then quickly agree to his requests.

Hearing Kang Ruicheng’s words, Mumu immediately burst into tears. He pushed Dongzi aside and kept him from getting close to Tang Yulan. He then held Tang Yulan tightly and refused to let go of her.

Kang Ruicheng was certainly displeased with his son’s care for an outsider, so he ordered someone to take Mumu out.

In a moment of desperation, Mumu cried louder, which even alarmed those who passed by downstairs.

Those passers-by were very warm-hearted. The first thought that occurred to them was that someone was abusing a child here, and they exclaimed that they were going to call the police.

Once the police arrived, Mu Sijue and Lu Boyan would soon be able to locate this place.

Kang Ruicheng was afraid that Tang Yulan’s whereabouts would be leaked out, so he had to compromise. He did not leave any wound on Tang Yulan’s body but asked someone to fake Tang Yulan’s injuries on her arm.

At the same time, Kang Ruicheng also understood.

Mumu really regarded Tang Yulan as his grandmother and protected her wholeheartedly.

As long as Mumu was here, they could not lay a finger on Tang Yulan at all.

That day, when Kang Ruicheng left, he forcibly took Mumu away. No matter how sadly Mumu cried, he did not allow him to stay.

Without the company of the little boy, Tang Yulan, who was injured, felt that time passed slowly and that every minute was particularly hard for her.

When Tang Yulan was about to drown in despair, Dongzi sent Mumu back here.

Intuition told Tang Yulan that Mumu must have done something.

Otherwise, Kang Ruicheng would not have allowed Mumu to come back and stay with her.

She asked the little boy what he did after he went back. Mumu blinked and said innocently, “I kept crying and crying. My daddy could not stand my crying, so he sent me away.”

Tang Yulan knew that it was definitely not that simple.

Later, she asked Dongzi about that in private.

Dongzi told her that since Mumu returned to the Kang family residence, Mumu did not eat, drink or speak. Even if Kang Ruicheng lost his temper and ordered Mumu to eat and drink, Mumu only said that he wanted to accompany Granny Tang.

After all, he was a child. After Mumu went on a starvation diet for a whole day, his little face turned as white as a sheet.

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Kang Ruicheng was afraid that something would really happen to the little boy, so he had to ask Dongzi to send Mumu back here.

However, even if Mumu was here, he was just a four-year-old child. He had no ability to stop Kang Ruicheng from doing anything.

Kang Ruicheng could still find many ways to torture Tang Yulan.

Every time he did that, Mumu would cry very sadly, but he did not care.

Yesterday afternoon, Tang Yulan was in a coma for quite some time. This morning, Uncle He came to see her and said that Tang Yulan could not survive for more than three days.

Kang Ruicheng did not care. If Tang Yulan died, he would consider that the old lady had gone to accompany his deceased father.

However, Mu Sijue and Lu Boyan would definitely not think so. Tang Yulan was their kin.

Therefore, Kang Ruicheng sent the recording to Mu Sijue and forced him to make a choice at this critical moment.

Mumu threw caution to the winds, and he kept begging Kang Ruicheng to send Tang Yulan to see a doctor. He did not want to see anything happen to Granny Tang.

But Kang Ruicheng just said that taking care of Tang Yulan was none of their business.

Tang Yulan’s fate was in Mu Sijue’s hands.

Mumu did not understand why Kang Ruicheng said this, but Tang Yulan did.

Kang Ruicheng just wanted to make things difficult for Mu Sijue. He wanted to force Mu Sijue to send Xu Youning back, and to make Mu Sijue suffer from the anguish.

Seeing that Tang Yulan was lost in thought, Mumu thought that Tang Yulan was worried about her own safety. He touched Tang Yulan’s face with his warm little hand and said, “Granny Tang, don’t worry. I will find a way to ask Daddy to send you to the doctor.”

Tang Yulan smiled and nodded. “OK.”

Mumu then asked, “Granny Tang, how are you feeling now? Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

“As long as you’re here, Granny Tang won’t feel uncomfortable.” Tang Yulan tried her best to raise her voice so that she would not sound so weak. “Mumu, don’t worry. Granny Tang will be fine.”

Mumu nodded even though he did not fully understand, and he said firmly, “Granny Tang, I will protect you.”

“Good boy.”

Tang Yulan pinched the little boy’s face, with a faint smile on her lips.

No matter whether she could leave this place alive or not, Mu Sijue and Lu Boyan would never let Kang Ruicheng go so easily.

Retribution for what Kang Ruicheng had done could never be too severe.

However, Tang Yulan would not let Mumu get hurt.

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For such a good child, being born as Kang Ruicheng’s son was already the greatest harm that fate had dealt him.

No matter how Kang Ruicheng’s ending would be, this child should be treated well and live a good life.

While Tang Yulan was thinking, Kang Ruicheng had already arrived downstairs with Xu Youning.

“The old lady is in the first room on the left of the second floor,” Kang Ruicheng said, “You can go upstairs by yourself. I’ll wait for you here.”

Xu Youning did not have time to ask any further questions. She ran straight to the second floor and pushed open the door of the first room on the left.

With his back to the door, Mumu thought that it was Kang Ruicheng or Dongzi when he heard the sound of the door being pushed open suddenly. He subconsciously protected Tang Yulan and comforted her. “Granny Tang, don’t be afraid. I won’t let them hurt you.”

Tang Yulan noticed that it was Xu Youning who came in.

“But didn’t Sijue take Youning to the top of the mountain? Why is she here?

“This was Kang Ruicheng’s place!”

“Granny Tang, what’s wrong with you?”

Mumu found that there was something wrong with Tang Yulan’s expression. He followed her gaze and looked back, only to see Xu Youning.

The little boy was immediately stunned and his round eyes were wide open. After a long while, he said, “Auntie Youning.”

Xu Youning nodded and fixed her eyes on Tang Yulan.

She could not believe that the person in front of her was Tang Yulan.

She had only seen Tang Yulan a few times in total. When she was involved in a car accident due to Mu Sijue, she had seen her frequently. During that time, Su Jian’an was hospitalized because of morning sickness, and Tang Yulan used to prepare food for Su Jian’an. Tang Yulan would also prepare her meals, and she always told her to eat more so that she could have a speedy recovery.

At that time, Tang Yulan always dressed elegantly. Her calmness, elegance, and dignity, and her amiable disposition at the same time made people want to get close to her.

However, now Tang Yulan looked old, gloomy and haggard. She looked even worse than the photos sent by Kang Ruicheng to Mu Sijue.

If Tang Yulan was not sent to the hospital immediately, her condition would deteriorate further.

Xu Youning rushed over and asked, “Auntie Tang, how are you?”

Tang Yulan still could not believe that Xu Youning was really back. She shook her head and said, “Kid, tell me first, how did you come back? How could Sijue allow you to come back?”

“Auntie Tang, you don’t know that I have been so anxious and tried to come back a long time ago,” Xu Youning said, “because I don’t want to be with Mu Sijue at all.”

“How could it be?” Tang Yulan grabbed Xu Youning’s hand incredulously. “Jian’an told me that you are already pregnant with Sijue’s child. Shouldn’t you stay with Sijue, give birth to the child and live with him? Why did you say so?”

Xu Youning paused for a moment and slowly lowered her voice. “Auntie Tang, I can’t bear to give birth to the child of someone I don’t love.”

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This time, Tang Yulan was not surprised but shocked.

She had lived most of her life and could be considered as a person who had gone through it all. She could tell at a glance if a person had feelings for another.

Just like she could tell at a glance that Lu Boyan liked Su Jian’an.

It was impossible that Xu Youning had no feelings for Mu Sijue.

But why was Youning unwilling to admit it? Why did she even risk returning to the Kang family?

Tang Yulan soon thought of something and held Xu Youning’s hand firmly. “Kid, if you did it for my sake, there is no need to get you and the child involved. Find an opportunity to leave. Don’t stay. Kang Ruicheng will not let you give birth to the child.”

“Auntie Tang, even if you weren’t here, I would have come back,” Xu Youning said, “Mu Sijue killed my grandma. How could I stay with him and give birth to his child?”

“Jian’an told me about your grandma. Youning, it’s not like that. Sijue didn’t…”

Before Tang Yulan could finish speaking, Xu Youning interrupted her, “Auntie Tang, I don’t want to talk about Mu Sijue anymore. The most important thing now is to take you to the hospital.”

“No, Youning…”

Tang Yulan still wanted to say something else, but Xu Youning had already turned around and ran downstairs. Kang Ruicheng and Dongzi were smoking in front of the stairs on the first floor.

Xu Youning went straight to Kang Ruicheng and said, “Call an ambulance and send Auntie Tang to the hospital.”

Kang Ruicheng slowly exhaled the smoke. “Well, let me think about it.”

“What do you need to consider?” Xu Youning suddenly raised her voice. “You clearly promised that as long as I came back, you would send Auntie Tang to the hospital. Are you going to break your promise again?”

“Again?” Kang Ruicheng looked at Xu Youning unhappily. “A Ning, what do you mean?”

“You know it yourself!” Xu Youning gritted her teeth and added, “Last time, you clearly promised Mu Sijue that as long as he let Mumu go, you would send Aunt Zhou back. However, when Aunt Zhou was seriously injured, you didn’t even send her to the hospital immediately.”

“But finally, I still sent Mrs. Zhou to the hospital. That’s enough.” There was a faint tinge of displeasure in Kang Ruicheng’s tone. “A Ning, are you blaming me?”

“Yes!” Xu Youning admitted without hesitation. “I don’t like it when you hurt innocent people! Now, do you agree to take Auntie Tang to the hospital or not?”

“I’m worried,” Kang Ruicheng said, “and I don’t know if it’s a trap set by Mu Sijue. After all, A Ning, you drove Mu Sijue’s car back.”

Xu Youning thought for a moment and said, “I will not go to the hospital with Auntie Tang. I will stay here. You can keep an eye on me.”

Then, Kang Ruicheng made an eye gesture to Dongzi.

Dongzi nodded and went upstairs.

“I want to go upstairs and say something to Auntie Tang.”

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As soon as she finished speaking, before Kang Ruicheng replied, Xu Youning had turned around and gone to the second floor.

In the room, Dongzi was instructing his men to put Tang Yulan on the medical stretcher. Mumu thought that they were going to transfer Granny Tang to another place again, so he kept stopping them. His young and tender voice was full of irresistible seriousness. “You should not hurt Granny Tang again!”

Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride Chapter 919: Not a Particle of Truth
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