Vampire's Slice Of Life
Vampire's Slice Of Life

Vampire's Slice Of Life

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Vampire's Slice Of Life novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Harem, and Romance genres. Written by the Author SocialHippo. 585 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Lith is born as the son of the strongest being in the world and after he realizes that, he gives up any hopes for world domination. He decides to lead a slow and lazy life and work just enough to not tarnish his family's reputation. Will he be able to do that though?

Welcome to a world of magic where different races reside, resurrection is possible and so is reincarnation.


[Warning: There is incest and yuri. Readers discretion is advised.]

A/N: All sorts of genres of hanime are involved except the extremely dark ones.

No NTR or yaoi.

Yuri is there during FFM and not any other time. If it's present at any other time, I'll put appropriate warnings beforehand.

Mc doesn't get his women stolen or c*cked by any man or women. Therefore there's no NTR.

This is a light read :)


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[The cover photo is not mine. Feel free to ask me to take it down, if it belongs to you.]

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  • lnwUser31459 1

    While not containing NTR, this novel manages to make even a hug between mother and daughter look vulgar and dirty. The mother is the true MC who does whatever she wants, and the depravity she tries to push others to has no limits. The wedding arc was absolutely disgusting and the MC is a beta male who doesn't have any remarkable qualities or developments that make him grow up. All in all, this is a novel ruined by its own author, who neglects and humiliates MC indirectly by treating him as a third wheel. Some degens might enjoy it, but if you're here for romance and good women be warned... Even hugs seem dirty and vulgar after some chapters.

  • raelTV -1

    MC gay!.Não obrigado

  • AsouTsu 2

    Is he still at saint rank? Can someone answer me, please?

  • PeechiePeach 2

    You can also title it as a ‘The Strongest Mommy’ 😏. It has the mommy and sister troupe, with lewd elements. I’d say the writing gets smoother as the story progresses. Very good for your degenerate mind 🫵. 🥖🥖🥖

  • fizonel_bhukharetsu 4

    The woman in the cover pic also have white hair and purple eyes. So, judging by her figure what do you guys think? Is the woman lith's Mom or his big sis?

    Edited: 3d
    • _Glutton 1

      I believe that is his mother, I couldn't imagine just how big the oppai of his mother if that is his sister

      • HAZYSTOMP 12

        The author said it's the sister the mom is more taller had a more mature face and a bigger opp-🤕

        Edited: 6h
  • BimalSahoo 1

    It also has - *nc*st and Yuri

  • Kenny98 2

    I enjoy the 1st volume but i kinda hesitated to read the 2nd volume since many comments say it's suck and boring. Should i continue ? Was it worth it ? Or should i turn off my brain and binge read it

    Edited: 7d
    • Uniqueakash3152 7

      Well if you went through the first dozen chapters you should be able to read the rest the academy arc is kinda boring then there's the marriage arc(pretty wild and long ) then it's good the story is progressing

  • PlayerKillCount99999 1

    What is lith rank at 564

  • ffrom -1

    It is really good until MC goes to the Academy. (chap 78) His mother is a Legend. When someone disagres with her she simply killed them. She terrorised the world for 500 000 years. People afraid of saying her name. And here her Son... total disgrase... On the Academy entrance exam he tries to look stupid and innocent... hiding his talent... afraid of assasins and possible problems... Really total opposite of his Mother. I would raiser read about her. Can't continue anymore...

  • fizonel_bhukharetsu 4

    I won't mind *nc*st or even the darkest hanime. But NTR? That's a big NO NO! I appreciate the author bringing that up at the start. I can read it with all of my energy now that my NTR concerns are over.

    • SamarthBaisoya 2

      there will not be ntr in this story, the author has clearly mentioned. And there is indeed netori but not done by mc, think of it as a filler, and those chapters are skippable

      • VictorAlucard007 1

        He's not saying that this novel has NTR, he's saying he doesn't like NTR and author clearly said there won't be any NTR so he's grateful for that.

      • Uniqueakash3152 7

        Ntr means when mc(in this case lith's) wife cheat on him and have s*x with someone else

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