Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws
Chapter 2035: Taiyuan Forefather Makes A Move, Nine Primordial Mystics, Killing Taiyuan Forefather

Chu Kuangren swung the colorful sword qi whip in the Chaos, shattering the void with his whiplashes.

All the attackers struck by the whip burst into clouds of blood mist.

It was as though bloody flowers were blooming in the void.

Those who saw the scene were mortified.

It was a one-sided massacre — one man was massacring a bunch of Embodiers!

The colorful sword qi whip was swung in a flurry.

The whip was formed using more than a hundred Daos in Chu Kuangren's body, which granted it amazing power.

Each whip could threaten even a Primordial, let alone common Embodiers. Hence, no one could withstand his whiplash.

When Chu Kuangren's killing frenzy slowed down, the Chaos qi suddenly rumbled violently.

In the void, a figure emerged, glowing in gold, and released endless Immortal Sparks that lit the place up.

He had golden robes on and a crown above his head, while his body was surrounded by Primordial qi that was fused with Daoist law. Each move he made could shake the universe.

"It's the forefather of the Taiyuan Holy Ground!"

"I heard the forefather is already a Primordial and has stayed away from matters of the world. I didn't expect him to be here!"

"It's him…"

The girl in black, Lan, looked at Taiyuan Forefather with a frosty glare.

The man was responsible for the annihilation of the Yao Tribe.

He had visited the Yao Tribe many years ago and found out that she possessed the Honorable Supreme Origin Spirit Physique.

After he left, the Taiyuan Holy Ground sent men to secretly wipe out the Yao Tribe, and he must have given the order.

Even in her dreams, Lan wanted to kill the man and level the Taiyuan Holy Ground to the ground.

Unfortunately, she was too weak as she was only a Gilded Immortal.

Taiyuan Forefather could kill countless Gilded Immortals with just a sneeze.

"Mysterious elite, why are you going against the Taiyuan Holy Ground?" Taiyuan Forefather asked Chu Kuangren.

"You were the one who started this fight by sending your men here to die."

"Ridiculous!" Taiyuan Forefather grunted coldly, and the Primordial qi around him rumbled fiercely.

"The Taiyuan Holy Ground is in charge of the alliance of justice. Those who go against us are against justice! Stand down and surrender!"

Chu Kuangren chuckled. "Surrender? You're not qualified to make me do that."

"Hmph! Big words for someone who is facing a Primordial!"

With that, Taiyuan Forefather attacked.

His Primordial energy transformed into a massive palm and crashed down from the sky.

However, Chu Kuangren did not even move from his spot. He simply swung his whip upwards to collide with the palm.

When the countless Daoist law energies clashed, an explosion erupted.

The Chaos in the area was swept away by the terrifying energy blast.

As the rumbling energy dissipated, Chu Kuangren stood firm in the air and looked at the Primordial with a blank look.

Taiyuan Forefather, on the other hand, looked serious.

Chu Kuangren was not a Primordial, yet he was unscathed after taking a hit from a Primordial!

"You have a lot of Daos in you. I believe you're an anomaly that has transcended beyond the limits of the Great Dao. No wonder you're so confident to stand against me," Taiyuan Forefather said.

Then, he pointed his palm upward. Primordial energy gathered at his palm, forming a ball of darkness that expanded rapidly.

Destructive energy emanated from the ball of darkness.

The pressure from the ball of darkness forced the audience to retreat.

When Chu Kuangren sensed the energy, his expression changed a little.

"Mystic Two Realm…"

As someone who had traveled across universes to expand his knowledge, not only Lil Ai but even he had learned many new things.

One of them was the Nine Primordial Mystic Realms.

Primordials were divided into nine Mystic Realms.

Shen Tian and the others back at Central Heaven Universe were at Mystic One Realm.

Taiyuan Forefather was slightly stronger, so he was at Mystic Two Realm.

Shen Tian was able to boost his strength to Mystic Three Realm using the Great Dao's energy, but Chu Kuangren could still defeat him.

Now, Chu Kuangren was countless times stronger than he was over a thousand years ago.

A mere Mystic Two Primordial was not a threat to him.

He did not even plan to use the power of the Great Dao.

Instead, he raised his hand to summon the power of the Chaos Green Lotus.

The energy transformed into a beautiful green lotus with divine light bursting into the sky.

The energy was so strong that it could destroy universes.

"Divine Universal Supremacy, Transform!"

When the green lotus appeared, destruction and creation energies intertwined. Together with the hundreds of Daos inside Chu Kuangren, it grew so powerful that it could destroy all the universes.

At the same time, Taiyuan Forefather also roared.

The ball of darkness in his hand had expanded into the size of a sun.

As he hurled it forward, the Primordial energy gushed forward with the Chaos qi.

After a massive explosion, the collision released endless energy ripples that swept across half the universe.

The cultivators closer to the epicenter were sent flying away, whereas some weaker ones were killed on the spot.


A figure was blasted away.

It was Taiyuan Forefather! He was defeated!

"How is this possible? How could I, a Primordial, lose?"

Taiyuan Forefather looked at Chu Kuangren in shock.

Chu Kuangren then pointed his sword hand sign and summoned a colorful sword qi.

A surge of energy that surpassed all universes surrounded his sword qi.

It was the Beyond Heavenly Sword!


An explosion erupted in the void.

Taiyuan Forefather was blasted away again by the sword qi.

"Damn it!"

Taiyuan Forefather was enraged and confused because he was losing in the battle against someone who was not even a Primordial.

Fueled by that thought, he channeled his Primordial energy to the limit and summoned a massive light barrier, forming a sturdy boundary around him.

Chu Kuangren was caught in the boundary and felt a massive pressure pressing on him.

"Primordial Gravity Field!"

Taiyuan Forefather grinned.


Lil Ai analyzed the boundary.

Information regarding the boundary then appeared in Chu Kuangren's mind.

"I see."

A sudden realization struck CHu Kuangren.

The boundary was supported by the Space Dao and the Gravity Dao. It could suppress targets within its proximity, and those with a lower cultivation level than Taiyuan Forefather would fall prey to him.

"But can you beat me in terms of spatial abilities?" Chu Kuangren said.

He slashed his sword forward, and the Spacetime Dao was activated.

The slash instantly opened up a crack in the boundary.

Then, the crack spread like a web and covered the entire boundary in just a blink of an eye. With a clank, the boundary shattered!

Taiyuan Forefather's expression turned pale, and he quickly channeled his other ultimate skill.

"Taiyuan God Thunder!"

A thick bolt of violet lightning struck down and transformed into a lightning spear in his hand. Along with a massive amount of Primordial energy, the lightning spear was hurled at Chu Kuangren.


Chu Kuangren pointed his finger at the incoming lightning spear.

Hundreds of Daos intertwined, breaking the lightning spear.

As he narrowed his eyes, he cast the Great Destiny Technique.

A beam of light shot out at Taiyuan Forefather.

Having been hit by the attack, Taiyuan Forefather's destiny was affected, and his expression turned grim. Blood gushed from his mouth, and that was not the end.

Chu Kuangren appeared above Taiyuan Forefather and stomped downward.

A green lotus bloomed beneath his feet.

"Eternal Green Lotus Dominion!"

The green lotus crashed down with all kinds of Dao contained in it, crushing Taiyuan Forefather's body and the Primordial Dao in his body.

Then, the green lotus disappeared, together with Taiyuan Forefather's figure.

Only his Daoist law fragments lingered in the air.

Taiyuan Forefather was dead!

Chapter 2035: Taiyuan Forefather Makes A Move, Nine Primordial Mystics, Killing Taiyuan Forefather
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