Under the Oak Tree (Web Novel KR)
Under the Oak Tree (Web Novel KR)

Under the Oak Tree (Web Novel KR)

상수리나무 아래

271 Chapters 21.5M Views 18.9K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Under the Oak Tree (Web Novel KR) novel is a popular light novel covering Adult, Drama, and Ecchi genres. Written by the Author Sooji Kim. 271 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.

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You can also read the "Riftan's Pov" side story associated with this novel.
Visit Riftan's POV (Under the Oak Tree Side Story).


The daughter of a duke, the stuttering Maximilian, married a knight of lowly status at her father’s coercion.

After their first night, her husband departed for an expedition without another word.

He comes back three years later, this time as a famous knight in the whole continent.

How would Maximilian face him on his return?

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  • GuRuS24 2

    It’s not updated here, but it has more chapters officially (book 2). It gets pretty good and less generic than it was in book 1.

    Edited: 17d
  • LookSee 6

    The reason this novel is so good because it dips its toes in the topic of the after effects of abuse. The trust issues, the cycle of shame, the sh*ty childhood and the really bad habits of defending yourself too much. May the Fool give us strength. Give it a read. It's caida generic but a decent read. 7/10

    Edited: 24d
  • Roman_D_Mitry 6

    AAYYYO I just found out that this Novel(well the webtoon) has an official song called: "Nobody Else". If you haven't listened to it I recommend giving it a try

  • Desskman 17

    I have read the manhwa and it seemed like the basic "Strong Male lead loves and is obsessed with the weak fragile female lead with PTSD from abusive family." It's not bad by any means infact I love how the FMC tries her very best to be helpful and get over her past trauma. But still the plot is basic as it can get among these type of stories so why is it so high in ranking and the other novels just like this don't even make it in the 200's.

    Edited: 25d
  • salazarmk2 2

    What's this novel about

    • RAY_Mesterio 1

      Mature content with lots of obsession

  • Kizmaypl 6

    is this novel good, what does it mainly focus on? might start reading just based on the reviews alone

  • VangiDon 6

    Will it ever come back on site

  • NetherClaw

    Please use the comment field only to share topics about the novel. Do not use it to criticize or recommend other platforms. You can use any discord or forum environment for this...
    The translation process of the novel was stopped by the current group and a new translation process was started on a paid platform. The comment panel has been disabled for a while, as the comments made go beyond the subject of the novel and mostly other platforms are mentioned.
    Everyone is asking for the name of the paid platform. Please search on google. We have no knowledge or work on this subject...

  • kristelludangco 1

    Why does it take so long to update. . . more chapters please. . . 272 and more. . .

  • FendelAD 1

    Tried to read again from the time Maxi and Riftan's last convo, yet its a very heart-piercing moment until the moment when Riftan tried to catch her at the dock, . Emotionally, heartbreaking, and still waiting for updates hoping the author would still let the team translate it.