Chapter 915: Double-click 666

Xiaoqi was also holding his phone and watching the live-stream in a small corner. He also recognized some of the words on it, but he did not know all of them. He knew that they were all praising Grandpa, so his face was full of smiles.

Huo Ci took out a super big pot first and placed it on the table. Then, he whipped out a few big barrels of oil and finally took out the ingredients. There was an ultra-large ham sausage. He smiled and said, “This is my lunch today. A gigantic fried sausage.”

The bullet screen was full of chefs.

[Ci, you’re wrong! Fried sausages need to be wrapped with cornstarch, raw beaten egg, and bread crumbs. Even the kids next door are crying from hunger.]

[Listen to me. Cut it first, otherwise, your sausage won’t fry through!]

[Ahhh, am I the only one who wants to be that sausage in my Ci’s hands?]

[Is this an intestine or a meat sausage?]

[This must be a dark cuisine[1]. I’m begging you, don’t torture your stomach!]

[Sorry to ask, can we organize a communal gambling session on the bullet screen? I’ll bet on a spicy strip that he’s going to go hungry for lunch.]

[What are you waiting for? My Ci lacks money so much that he has to sell his culinary skills to make a living! Send him gifts!]

When Shi Lingyu went to the hospital, she was still watching the live-stream on her phone. She was laughing so hard that her face was contorted. Without even looking at the injured Ji Fanchen, she rushed straight to Ling Sheng’s side. “Sheng Sheng, quick, take a look! Your father is crazy!”

Ling Sheng looked over. Her father was holding a huge sausage and putting it into the oil. The bullet screen was still flooding with comments, saying that the oil had yet to warm up so the sausage could not be added yet.

At this moment, her father had not gone crazy but she was about to go crazy. She looked at Shi Lingyu in confusion. “He said this is lunch? He wants to eat this at noon?”

Shi Lingyu nodded. “Yes, he said he wanted to eat this. Did he undergo some provocation? Why did his style change suddenly?”

Yu Bei, who was beside her, could not help but laugh wildly. “Sheng Sheng, you have to control your father. The live comments say that your father has gone crazy from the lack of money, so people are frantically sending him money on the live-stream. I did a short calculation. In this short period of time, there should be at least a million dollars.”

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Besides, this was under the premise that the fans only gave roses. One rose cost one yuan. Huo Ci had set a limit. The viewers could only send him roses. Any gifts that were more valuable than flowers could not be given even if the people wanted to.

Ling Sheng was crying internally. What do you people know? He was a joker to begin with. Do you guys really think that he’s a cold and haughty person? Haughty, my*ss! This is his true personality!

[With this strong style of cooking, I’m going to die of laughter sooner or later in my Huo’s mukbang!]

[I’m full just by looking at it. Ci Er, I’m begging you. Do you dare cancel the gift restriction? I’ll give you a thousand yachts. Won’t it be nice if you order some takeout? Can you not cook on your own?]

[I can smell it even through the screen! Oh my god, Ci Er, you can’t live in this house anymore. You can’t play in the living room. Be good. Go to the balcony or your rooftop!]

Ling Sheng looked at the bullet screen and there was even a living commenter beside her.

Shi Lingyu, who was beside her, giggled infatuatedly, her eyes sparkling. “Why is he so handsome? Why do you think he’s so handsome? Even from a dead shooting angle, he can be so handsome! I’m truly in love with Ci’s shining beauty.”

Ling Sheng was full of disdain. “Brother Bei, your girlfriend is acting like a love-struck fool. Aren’t you going to control her?”

Yu Bei said, “I can’t. He’s her idol. You should control your father instead. Don’t let him do live-streams again. If he continues to play like this, he’ll definitely ruin his persona.”

Ling Sheng said, “You’re overthinking. Even if he’s squatting by the roadside with a burlap sack over his head and holding a broken bowl, while shouting, ‘Be kind, man. Give me some money.’, he’s still Movie King Huo. His image won’t collapse.”

Ji Fanchen could not help but laugh out loud. How could she say that about her biological father? When he laughed, he pulled on his wound, and he sucked in a breath of cold air.

Cheng Ye, who was sitting beside him peeling an apple, immediately asked nervously, “Does it hurt?”

Ji Fanchen shook his head and looked at Ling Sheng. “Sheng Sheng, Xiaoqi is with your father, right? He didn’t enter the camera, right?”

Ling Sheng said, “He doesn’t have the guts yet.”

She could guess as soon as she saw the live-stream. What nonsense broadcast? He was only playing this for her and her mother to see!

However, Xiaoqi had not appeared from the start, nor had she heard his voice. He must have been ordered to stay hidden by her father.

The sausage had been fried for half an hour. As expected, the outside was charred black and was unfit to be seen anymore.

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The live comments were the funniest. The Little Cis had been driven crazy by their celebrity.

[Come, I’ll go first. Brothers, look at my ultra-large sausage. Is it big? Do you guys think it’s big? If you think it’s big, please give a double-click 666[2]!]

[Brothers, I’ll perform a show of eating a sausage for you. Awesome, let’s start!]

[Brothers, look over here. There’s only things you can’t think of and nothing I can’t do. If you think it’s good, give me a double-click. Thank you, brothers.]

[Plate it! Hurry up and plate it. Come on[3]!]

Yu Bei was already laughing like crazy by the side. “Little Cis are all geniuses. What kind of immortal fans are this? I’m going to laugh my head off!”

During the whole process, other than saying one sentence at the start, Huo Ci had not said anything else. Although it was a mute live-streaming and his sausage had been charred black, he still displayed an extraordinary bearing. His every move was extremely elegant, and he emitted an attractive charm.

The fried sausage was placed on the table. His slender as jade fingers held a knife as he elegantly and meticulously cut the charred parts off bit by bit. The whole process was very pleasing to the eye.

Although the Little Cis were joking, other than sighing with sorrow about the sausage in front of the screen, they were licking the screen.

They loved this jade-like finger!

They loved this god-like side profile!

They loved, loved this graceful action!

Oh my god, look at his long eyelashes! They wanted to have a swing on them!

Oh my god, look at his nose bridge! They wanted to slide on it!

OMG, look at his shoulders! They wanted to run on them!

Save us! Look at his collarbones! They really wanted to hide inside and swim!

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Come, come, come. Look at this ham sausage again. F*ck, could someone come and take away that charred thing in his hand?

Huo Ci had already cut the ham sausage and placed it on a plate elegantly. He reached out with his long arm and smiled. “My dear grandson, it’s time for lunch.”

Finally, after all their cries, he said the second sentence besides the opening speech!

The Little Cis were moved to tears. When they regained their senses, they were shocked. Who was the precious grandson? It was fine if he had a daughter, but he also had a grandson?

Therefore, the bullet screen flooded with comments again: Be honest and we’ll deal with you leniently. Who’s the grandson?

Huo Ci smiled and explained, “My family dog has changed its name. From today onwards, it will be called ‘Grandson’. My family’s grandson likes to eat ham sausage the most.”

The comments started to pop up again.

Huo Ci looked at the camera with a refined smile. “Then, today’s live-stream will end here. Thank you for watching.”

Then, he exited the live-stream and bellowed at Xiaoqi, “Spit it out! Spit it out! Hurry up and spit it out! Is that even human food?! Lunch will be here soon!”

Xiaoqi had yet to eat it. He had just put the sausage in his mouth to taste it when he was bellowed at. He hurriedly spat it out, his face scrunched up as he stuck out his tongue. “Grandpa, it’s bitter!”

The Little Cis were dumbfounded. What happened to the mukbang? You’re done just like this? We haven’t seen you eat anything! If you cheat us like this, we’re going to the Consumers Association to sue you for deceiving the consumers!

The moment the live-stream room turned black, Nangong Lengyu’s beautiful face froze over. She gripped her phone tightly but could not take it anymore. She got up, put on a coat, and left.

Great, he had actually fed Xiaoqi such a thing!

Who was he calling a dog? He was the dog!

[1] 黑暗料理 Dark cuisines are food that have been prepared with unknown methods, which usually look unappetizing and most likely unedible.

[2] 双击666/Double-click 666 originates from the live-streaming scene which refers to the action of liking or hearting a content creator’s video. The pronunciation of ‘6’ in Chinese is similar to ‘niu’ so ‘666’ is used to describe that someone or something is cool and awesome.

[3] 奥利给/’Come on’ is another internet catchphrase that originated on a short video platform. Translated as ‘come on’, ‘awesome’, ‘cool’, and so on, it often appears at the end of a sentence to praise other people or cheer them/oneself up.

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