Transmigrated Scoundrel's Exchange System
Transmigrated Scoundrel's Exchange System

Transmigrated Scoundrel's Exchange System

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Transmigrated Scoundrel's Exchange System novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, and Eastern Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Daoist_Drumstick. 310 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Han Cai had a very good life, as he was born into a wealthy merchant family. He had access to anything he wanted, and he was always safe, protected by guards at all times. His family was one of the wealthiest in the town, and no one dared to offend them.

All of this was going to change. Han Cai's father was taking him to the Sky Soaring sect, where he would begin his life as a cultivator.

His past life was filled with regret and loneliness, and he was grateful for the opportunity to start anew in the world.

But honestly, he knew he was a Scoundrel in his past life and will be one in this life too.
He looked at his system panel

[Name: Han Cai]

[Age: 10]

[Life Span: 40 Years]

»Strength: 1

»Perception: 1

»Agility: 1

»Speed: 1

»Constitution: 1

»Intelligence: 2

»Charm: 1

[Exchange Points: 820 (1/day)]

[System Update : ? (Collect 1000 Exchange points to unlock)]

[Initiate Law of Equal Exchange?]

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  • VaibhavMishra 5

    There is a new novel of same author on webnovel. I was reading its reviews and out of 53 reviews only one was original and all other reviews were from bots. When I saw that I couldn't believe it.

  • ElVerdi 3

    Scoundrel???? I would have liked the usual "Trash", i'm hesitating to read this just because i fear that the third rate villains in this story will call him "scoundrel" like it's some big insult..

    • Lel 3

      Dw it's good nothing like 90% of the other novels on this site , not the best but quite good maybe a 7.5 out if 10 where 10 is RI. 260~ chapters in though it gets a bit bad like a weak 5/10

      Edited: 1mo
  • ULterIorMoTiVE 9

    Even novels name is crying because MC is scoundrel 😂😂

  • AC3oSpades 2

    Just finished at chapter 310. Overall, pretty good, however after a while mc gets nerfed and progress becomes quite slow. Still, it was quite entertaining, 4/5.

    • Vamsi123 2

      Is this novel completed? And does he use his system afterwards I mean sometime after he got nerfed?

      • AC3oSpades 2

        It is not complete. Also, I can't remember him using the system for anything meaningful after the nerf.

  • MHLEnviro 5

    According to the comments, A big No for this novel.

    • Carpalhat44050 8

      If I trusted comments I would have missed out on some of my favorite novels, always check for yourself.

  • Herinumes 1

    Is there any romance in this novel or like girls swarming around the mc? Asking as i hate those two😭👍🏻

    • AC3oSpades 2

      Not really, although there are about 5 or 10 chapters, where mc is faking chasing a girl. Although the author does not make it clear that it is fake, which makes it a little harder to get through. Still, it is not a concern you should have.

  • skydoos16 3

    I don't know but I think I am confusing this with another novel, does this have r18? If it does I might have read it already?

  • Erik_king 2

    the author got lost from chapter 262, protagonist no longer uses the system, SUPER slow cultivation, the "enemies" changed from immortals to low-level cultivators

    • Cramtion 2

      Thats the same reason i dropped it bro. Also the love interest. Imo, I hate how the love interest is a second fiddle to someone else, and the way they introduced her, I thought she was going to be the holy child, or the future sect leader that they were all talking about, but she just had to be the henchman of the sect leader. It really disappointed me.

    • blacky 1

      I recommend you read a bit further since it gets better

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  • WalkingCalamity 6

    any romance or wife of mc??

  • Munkie 1

    I swear it seems like some of these chapters are written by an ai.

    • Merlinn 14

      Is that a good or bad thing

      • DivineMelon 8

        Based on what I've already read, if it made by ai it would have a lot of details i mean alot even if it doesn't need to it would still write it. And characters dialogue is super cringe.

      • HomieReader 13

        Honestly it might've been better if it was written by AI.

      • Orobouros 5

        That is frighteningly genuine question

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