The Walker Of Voids
The Walker Of Voids

The Walker Of Voids

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The Walker Of Voids novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author Animosity. 107 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


In the year 2093, mysterious energy known as mana descended upon Earth for the very first time in millions of years. People began to spontaneously awaken, allowing them to gain supernatural abilities, classifications, and affinities.

Simultaneously, dungeons with immaculate treasures and horrid monsters began to appear all over the world, forcing humanity to stand together in order to survive.

Lloyd Elrod was a simple boy at first. He was a boy with no power and little to no social standing, yet that all changed on the day before his awakening ceremony. The day he became what the humans and the other races saw as a monster.

[Welcome to the Void]

It was the day he became a Void Walker. A race capable of growing faster than any other. A race with individuals capable of putting an entire civilization created by a multitude of races on the brink of collapse and walking into the Void itself.

Having become a part of the most wanted race in the universe, Lloyd is forced to hide and fight to keep his freedom. In order to not be restrained by those he once saw as his brethren, he must become strongest.

Will Lloyd be found out? Will he finally earn his freedom and have control of his own fate? Join Lloyd in his journey of joy, sorrow, grief, and pain as he climbs to the top and becomes the most powerful creature in existence.

{Warning: I can't believe I have to say this, but the mc has quite a few flaws, some of them resolved after his his awakening, and others that would take much longer to fix. Flaws are a part of character development. I've seen so many comments saying "Oh this mc is wrong and did this stupid thing!" AGAIN! I am well aware. I wrote him that way. He is a 16 year old. He makes mistakes.

Also, there will be quite a lot of info dumps later in the story}

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Comments on the novel chapters for the last week.

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: 4 comments on Chapter 2: Entering The Void
: 1 comment on Chapter 27: Third Void Walk [2] - The First Void Walker
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  • SoverignofConviction 7

    Honestly this feels like a pretty solid 2.5/5 book imo

  • Stunhammer 2

    Does it have romance in it? pass.

  • coloured 2

    It's good. No actually as a first book thus an amateur's work it's very good. Because it's way better than the work of some experienced wn authors.

  • coloured 2

    It's good. No actually as a first book thus an amateur's work it's very good. Because it's way better than the work of some experienced wn authors.

  • Chompah 4

    Voids Walker sounds cooler ngl

  • Beefromatree 7

    Not far enough in to make a proper review but so far I'm finding this pretty mid at best. Its the same old setting we've all seen before, to the point where the author doesn't even bother explaining things. Like why are they using swords in the year 2098? They've colonized other planets and stuff, Why no advanced weaponry? In fairness maybe this is explained later but it feels like a "you know this setting from every Korean Manhua published in the last 5 years so there's no need to explain." Ultimately it just doesn't feel fleshed out, MC's family feel like NPCs particularly since MC's awakening and related lie apparently didn't lead to anything when it was a serious thing. This is a plot hole in less than 5 chapters which is never a good sign for the rest of the novel. For me personally, it just feels a bit sloppy, a bit generic, and bit boring. That said I can see a lot of people really liking this and there's far worse out there so maybe worth giving it a try anyway.

  • Retnik 2

    One of the better novel on webnovel, to be honest have a lot of potential, it's give shadow slave Vibe sometime, not the best but good. If author keep working on it, would be one of the greatest. It's just 105 chpters so read it, its worth a dig at least.

  • Gryfalk 1

    Poison Tested - 5/10 or 2.5/5 This book feels like the author is just throwing ideas around with no real set direction. Massively abrupt scene changes occur rather regularly which throws the reader for a loop until they can get back on track. I have finished all the chapters so far and I had to force myself to do that skimming through 3-4 chapters each boss fight scene as its always the same feels like a DBZ 3-4 episodes to fight a boss. Really had good potential and an interesting plot line but failed to bring it through.

  • Yurikitao 1

    the prota is very bipolar, one hour it's serious, the other not, he wants to treat it cold he wants to distance himself from people, but he is uncomfortable with this fact that he wants to, it's okay that the author who wrote it wants him to be like that on purpose, but his personality is kind of boring

  • LonelyRock 11

    The novel's name is generic, thumbnail is generic, but I read the summary and quite liked it because if it's uniqueness. The rock has found quite a few positive whispers in the abyss and is wondering if he should take the dive. Can anyone tell me if this is a cold and ruthless mc Novel and if it's worth reading.

    • lideo 1

      Bro i see you in every novel i read. Like sailors following birds, i will follow the guidance of the rock.🫡