The Regressor and the Blind Saint
The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

회귀자와 맹인 성녀

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164 Chapters 466K Views 2.25K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

The Regressor and the Blind Saint novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Papapa. 164 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


In this life, I will live for you.

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: 3 comments on Chapter 163: Threat
: 1 comment on Chapter 33: Apostle of Love (2)
: 1 comment on Chapter 5: Regression
: 1 comment on Chapter 125: Nightmare (1)
: 1 comment on Chapter 108: Auction (1)
  • Sog0m 3

    So how is the relationship between Mc and saintess in the latest chapters? Heavy spoilers please

  • MrKinet 33

    Many people are saying not to read this right now. I will trust their judgement.

  • HallowThepuppeteer 1

    I suggest stopping at chapter 99 where the story calms down Since if you don't you'll get hooked at the edge of the cliff and be hanged

  • Dragonofsorrow 13

    110 chapters comp though story and plot wasn't top notch I got what I was here for(romance) and the main point of the story delivers going to leave for stacks and yess I'm almost at lvl 13 though it took me a month and half too reach I would say my speed is avg

  • ImARandom 17

    F*ck me… I really have jumped into a hornet’s nest, haven’t I. Don’t read this. These 160 chapters surprisingly took 3 days of my time. That’s all. 3 days. Wait until all the chapters are out… regrets. Deep regrets. And of course the latest chapter has to end that way too. • Sugaru Miaki clearly does not know what they were talking about when they claimed 3 days of happiness far outweigh a lifetime of sadness. These 3 days of happiness will lead into a week of deep regret. That doesn’t really make sense though, my 3 days are followed by potentially up to 70 years, compared to Kusonoki and Miagi’s literal 3 days left of life. • I already used up the LOTM card to get out of Shadow Slave addiction. What card will I use to get out of this addiction, Reverend Insanity? Actually, no, I’ll just go back to The Perfect Run and pray. I won’t read Reverend Insanity unless I have to.

    Edited: 8d
  • ImARandom 17

    Time to pick up some more novels. • Not complete yet ✅ Slow updates ✅ Everyone says it’s good ✅ • It has everything that tells me that now is a terrible time to start it. It’s perfect. Time to dive into more pits of regret.

    Edited: 11d
  • Shuukiko 1

    I still remember read this when this novel just have 30 chapters. It's really a long time, and well for all you guys, I have seen the mtl version for this novel and I can tell you a good news that this novel have 278 chapters which mean this novel is halfway. I'll be patient for 1 year, and let me tell you that this novel is MUST READ for all of you who s*ck*r for fantasy pure love between our sigma MC and yandere + tsundere Saint.

    • Einzheil 3

      Im about to just start it and read the mtl ,or was the mtl pretty bad?

    • Borqster 7

      Do you have any recommendations? These type of romance books are just so much better than harem books. Renee 🔛🔝

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  • Phires_ 6

    One of the best fantasy romances out there

  • RegularTrip 1

    My favourite romance

  • LastGame 1

    Hahaha fking hell the saint became yandere but I like it 😂