Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!
Chapter 1627: Girl Female Special Forces

Chapter 1627 Girl Female Special Forces

The more he spoke, the colder and more bloodthirsty Director Chai’s expression grew, and Principal Chen’s eyebrows were also locking together after listening.

He hadn’t known the comrades of Ye Jian’s mother when she was alive had come to Fujun town! Neither did he expect they’d actually received news of Ye Jian’ dying prematurely’!

Three years after her death…, wasn’t that precisely when Ye Zhifan was relocated to Fujun Town’s Town Government?

Principal Chen couldn’t help but speak up, “This matter is more complicated than that; while someone was doing their damndest to stop you guys from meeting Ye Jian, they were also going to great pains to order Ye Zhifan’s family to turn Ye Jian useless, so that the death of Ye Jian’s mother would never be revealed under the light of day.”

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If even her own daughter won’t investigate the truth of her mother’s death, then who else would go investigate it?

There won’t be anyone else who paid attention to something that happened decades ago, neither would anybody purposely go and investigate this! Even if it was this Old Chai, if he hadn’t encountered Ye Jian, it was very probable that he wouldn’t go investigate.

After all, it had happened too long ago; who else would have remembered?

Even Old Uncle Gen, his heart wasn’t inclined on letting Ye Jian go investigate. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have hidden the truth for so long.

But, if Ye Jian insists on investigating, neither would he stop her.

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Director Chai’s brows knit even closer together; he rummaged around his pocket and pulled out a box of cigarettes. Pulling out one, he bent his waist to light it with the fire; he drew in several deep breaths and exhaled a series of smoke; his heart and mind were thinking nonstop.

This can’t do; he can’t allow Ye Jian to risk herself, neither could he allow Red Plum’s sole daughter to risk herself, in case something happens to Ye Jian, he couldn’t answer to Red Plum!

Principal Chen also did not speak, to investigate or not…, he and Old Uncle Gen had the same idea, they only wanted little lass Ye to travel far and stand high up, they did not wish for little lass Ye to lose her happiness because of her hatred.

“Old Chen, leave investigating Red Plum’s death to me; the moment I have any news, I’ll tell you as soon as possible! I’ve waited for this long and only knew Red Plum’s daughter was still alive; as long as Ye Jian wants to investigate, I will definitely help her.” Director Chai, who had just finished a cigarette, didn’t have any sliver of unnecessary emotion on his face, the Director of the Bureau of Public Security who holds a high position bellowed out each word: “My life was saved by Red Plum, and now, it is time for me to repay the debt of life! Older Brother, tell Ye Jian, tell her to not act, for now, I will act in her stead!”

Principal Chen didn’t say anything else; he only asked this, “Why must it be investigated?”

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“Older Brother, let me tell you about Red Plum; after you finish listening to me, you’ll know why I’m doing it.” Bringing up his dead comrade, Director Chai’s eyes were once again filled with gentleness, recollecting the memories of his younger life.

All those years ago, our country started establishing a female-only special forces unit to carry out special and dangerous missions that male soldiers cannot accomplish; Red Plum stood out amongst more than six thousand female soldiers; she appeared in their unit with a clean military uniform, and became the flower of the unit.

She exerted herself more than the male soldiers, a comrade of theirs made a mistake with a grenade, and a serious incident was about to happen; it was Red Plum who kicked the grenade flying.

A male soldier was bit by a venomous snake; Red Plum said nothing and tossed herself against him and started sucking the venom out, saving the male soldier’s life.

Encountering an avalanche, it was still Red Plum, who disregarded the possibility of dying, who dragged a male soldier with both legs broken from a fall all by herself.

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After entering a desert and encountering a sandstorm, the whole unit was lost; it was the water bottle on Red Plum that saved the twenty lives of their unit!

And his life should’ve expired on a certain border, it was Red Plum who risked her life against the shower of bullets to save him; her own calves and shoulders were punctured by shrapnel.

Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 1627: Girl Female Special Forces
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