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Orynth 4
Chapter n/a yesterday

Honestly top 3 stories in general, I honestly believe if this got an anime like solo leveling is getting it would break the internet with its amazing story, characters, powers system, and absolute killer plot. It keeps you on the edge of your seat while making you love it more for it. But if you give up when the character is at their lowest you will lose out on the really good stuff

Lord_Madara 11
Chapter 432 3 days ago

The best isekai novel I've read so far, the character details are amazingly done, story is unique and interesting from other isekai novels, loved all the characters introduced in the story.

Zen_Sekai_Lorde 5
Chapter 432 3 days ago

This novel has really good character development, and elaborates on their emotions really well. MC is badass, and his interactions with others is really fun to read. That is the highlight of this novel for me tbh. The fights are also very good though.

Raybarracuda 3
Chapter 397 4 days ago

Excellent world building Amazing story line Well written characters Badass MC Side character development No harem What else do you need?the only reason it's not ranked 1 or 2 is because of the weekly update, but still turtleme takes a lot of time writing each chapter to perfection and the chapter is very long. This is one of the classic novels that's a must read. Enjoy☕

wizzy21 5
Chapter 431 5 days ago

I have read like more than 100+ novels and this novel is among top 10 in terms of everything after that Tbate is my second favourite novel and it is fuckin great , no need to listen to the haters, just get past the first 135 chapters and you will see what i mean. . .

Mountain_Goat 2
Chapter 423 6 days ago

Don't waste your time on reading this sh*t comments instead just go and read the masterpiece. . . It's really have some isekai generic start but after some chapters you can see the uniqueness in this novel it's really one of the best in this genre no one can Denny it, also if you like action novel it's for you, this novel have awesome fight scenes with minute details and the author written this story with more detailed so you can easily understand everything, also this Power system in the novel are well explained. . . Conclusion:- if you want to read a action and emotions packed novel with some cold moments and with a better story and character development this novel is for you just read it you will definitely enjoy it 😉

Bladestorm 1
Chapter 1 6 days ago

Read it, you can't go wrong. Only reason its so low in rankings is because of the relatively slow upload schedule, but you don't have to worry bout that till you reach the last chapters. There is even a manga version so to save time read a few chaps of that then read this. (I'd recommend reading novel as it has more details)

B3AR16 4
Chapter 431 8 days ago

HOLY THE BEST ISEKAI I HAVE READ. Only things that come remotely close are Slime, mushoku and Re:zero. Amazing world building, elite character development, a top 5 written mc. great villains that actually have a character. The author also manages to use a generic ahh magic system and make it good. Side characters are mostly elite(basically everyone except Tess, Cecil, and Nico until volume 9). It’s awesome seeing Arthur’s advantage yet struggle with adjusting to his new body and trying to hide his strength from enemies. The author also gets better at writing throughout the novel. My ranking of the books: 9>10>8>7>6>4>5>3>1>2. Peak ahh series

Fools_blessed 5
Chapter n/a 9 days ago

Loved it it was really good except female mc and a few times plot armour but other than that it is one of the best especially world building and characters who feels like they are alike as well so do give it a try.

ZhouMingrui 2
Chapter 430 10 days ago

This novel is without a doubt one of the best in its genre. The writing quality is decent since it's written in english and not translated like many other novels in this website. Arthur's journey(MC) is not flawless but the flow of the story is decent and keeps you excited although it becomes boring from time to time but the overall reading experience is good especially since it's the author's first novel. So I would recommend giving it a try if you are a fan of the isekai genre, and tolkein like fantasies. I would have given 9 out of 10 but since it was my first read and I liked it as an experience, plus the rating is out of 5, then here you go 5 out of 5. For recommendations, if you liked it as well, there is a better one called "I became the pop now what?", also you can find some other well known classics just by googling the genre.