The Academy’s Time Stop Player
The Academy’s Time Stop Player

The Academy’s Time Stop Player

아카데미의 시간 정지 플레이어

RANK 288
36 Chapters 65.8K Views 1.15K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

The Academy’s Time Stop Player novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Comedy, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Amoleu. 36 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Entered the academy in the game.

With unbalancing skills that destroy the balance of the game’s original storyline.

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: 1 comment on Chapter 2: continues on how he vomited blood in the next )
: 1 comment on Chapter 35
: 1 comment on Chapter 33
: 1 comment on Chapter 29
: 1 comment on Chapter 26
  • Alzebon
    Reader KP:0

    So, this is a Webnovel that is a bunch of other Webnoves stitched together, there's is next to no development, the characters are all 1 dimensional, but worse of all, the translation is absolute cr*p.

    8 hours ago Reply
  • Sage_silence
    Reader KP:22

    Poisson and tasting so far; Firstly, the Story has an interesting concept with a somewhat down-to-earth but dumb mc. However, the translation is very subpar which takes away the vibe as you read and the inconsistencies with the characters and the plot are very obvious... I would give this a 3-star rating

    15 hours ago Reply
  • nme101
    Reader KP:9

    I am gonna try mtl. But want to know if the mc remains the same lazy but righteous and hiding his power for no reason. Does he change at all? I hate these characters where they don't want spot light but do everything that draws attention. Their motives and actions are completely contradictory.

    yesterday Reply
  • Singsiam
    Reader KP:51

    Oh guys FYI the translators were probably forced to stop Because of copyright since I can't see the chapters on their websites anymore

    10 days ago Reply
    • tensonnn
      Reader KP:20

      Huh??? I was liking this does that mean we won't be getting any chapters indefinitely?

      6 days ago Reply
      • Singsiam
        Reader KP:51

        Yea but there is a mtl on the internet I've read up to chapter 177. Oh BTW there's only 210 chapters total. The novels finished on the original site

        6 days ago Reply
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  • ImmoralJester
    Reader KP:504

    It's kind of hard to read, like alot of novels they attempt to make the main character cool by having them act like they don't care about anything and everyone is an annoyance. If the MC doesn't care what's happening why should I? Not caring about anything isn't cool it just makes you boring.

    15 days ago Reply
    • AllPurpose
      Reader KP:611

      It's cool because mc who stay out of trouble and anti-social wouldn't team up with annoying character(always solo), not simp, no annoying character constantly telling him what to do and he wouldn't get used like riding his bus for other characters to easily get stronger without actually doing much. Note : I haven't read the novel yet btw.

      12 days ago Reply
      • ImmoralJester
        Reader KP:504

        If I'm understanding you like a story that has no character development, no character interactions, and no side stories or B plot? And building on my prior point authors often write in their characters being perfectly calm regardless of situation and emotionally dead. Reading about a robot avoiding all human contact while constantly complaining about the praise they receive isn't fun to me.

        Edited: 14 Nov, 05:17
        12 days ago Reply
      • AllPurpose
        Reader KP:611

        I thought you have read lots of novels with anti-social and doesn't care about a thing but I guess not. They are only anti-social at first but as the story goes on the mc build up connection, friends and people he can trust and that's character development for reference "Author's pov", "top tier providence" and "novels extra" also has anti-social mc who got develop as the story goes on.

        12 days ago Reply
      • _ENRYU_
        Reader KP:34

        ya i also like a mc who is a bit a aloof and cold, i mean who wanna read a chapter full of annoying side characters who are just gonna dissapear in next ten and never appear again. Seeing so many cliches is getting so boring that a straightforward approach seems more fun.

        9 days ago Reply
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  • ElemelekPL
    Reader KP:286

    time stop hm? nah

    19 days ago Reply
  • Rijadah
    Reader KP:228

    Ch6 Some one from UK came to Korea to scout hero😆😆

    20 days ago Reply
  • Rijadah
    Reader KP:228

    This novel has a very clear concept of "hero" and "villain" so if you don't like such clear differentiation then you should not try this one. Oh by the way i read upto ch4 and already dicided to drop it

    21 days ago Reply
  • lingaana
    Reader KP:8

    MC seems somewhat a simp, cause i maen mc have a mind of lvl 999, having that he is being questioned left and right by girls, the first girl has the sage or whatever that could read ones mind so if he has a skill that literally blocks all mental attack and nullify mind abnormalities doesn't that mean that the sage's eye or whatever won't work on him but, the girl was still able to use her skill on him, what the **ck is that means. then there comes the test section where he says that he passed barely, i mean come on he has time stop doesn't that mean he can just stop time and cheat and get good grades, but why the hell he is worried about any of that.

    22 days ago Reply
    • Visuel
      Reader KP:195

      why is he a simp but everything else agreed like why tf can she do that to him but like maybe its because it only defends against things that will harm him maybe. Also his not trying to stand out like legit some of the chaps are just him complain about standing out which is prop why he didn't want to cheat but even than his pretty popular

      14 days ago Reply
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  • ChiragRaj
    Reader KP:13

    Does anyone off u know if there is a novel translation for the manhwa "I'll be taking a break for personal reasons" I can't seem to find it anywhere

    24 days ago Reply