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Mr_Klein_Moretti 2
Chapter 1248 5 hours ago

One of the most unique takes on virtual reality gaming. I have been reading this novel for a long time now. Felix's journey from a normal human to one of the strongest beings in the universe will keep you on the edge the whole time. The interactions with side characters and the female lead are very interesting. We still don't know much about her aside for her race and I can't wait to find out what exactly happened in the past.

God_who_is_bored 2
Chapter 1247 2 days ago

This is a work of art. The author's suspense-building technique is superb. I never expected the wait for new chapters to be so agonizing. Felix is a truly goated character, and this is the highest praise I can bestow on a novel from the CRP (comment reading people). Keep up the good work, Author-san.

JOSU10 7
Chapter 1245 2 days ago

One of my favorite Novel. . . Interesting world building(at a universal or multiversal level that is), power system is also rather interesting, have a consistent pacing. The fights in the novel are so good. . . The Cunning, shameless, cold, and intelligent MC, must to the liking of most of the LN readers. . . Interesting arcs and mysteries which are to be unfolded soon. . . The romance is not over the top, and is to my liking. . . Overall it checks out most of it for me and I'll give it 5/5. . It is a fun ride

nxthxn 1
Chapter 1201 5 days ago

This novel is one of the best ones I've personally read. It has good pacing and decent world building, and it's quite funny at times. If you like the "OP MC" trope, then this novel is for you. And even if the trope isn't for you, give it a shot because I'm sure you'll enjoy this novel. It has a slow start, but after a few chapters, it gets really good. It has quite a few plot holes here and there, but nothing that is detrimental to the story. Overall, a 9/10.

Chapter 273 5 days ago

This is actually an awesome novel. It reminds me of the OASIS from Ready Player One, but instead of just people on earth playing, it's the entire fucking universe (sorry for language it's just how infinitely huge the "entire universe" actually is). The Main Character is a charismatic and humorous character with lots of bullshit to spare. The story is top tier but sometimes the grammar is a bit off. I don't really care enough as long as I understand what's going on. There are points when things get so crazy I just don't know what's happening, but that's just another fun thing this novel offers.

DeepInTheAbyss 1
Chapter 563 5 days ago

Bro this is good. I am currently at 563 chap it is going smoothly. Pacing is also good The starting might be little slow but the main novel picks up after 150 and above. There is some ups and downs but so far loving it . It is recommended highly. And the annoying fact is that the author hides new ability until he shows to all. I understand that it is to create hype but after using it that many times it becomes annoying. It introduces many characters time to time and their character building is also pretty average. So it is good one.

Nightdone22 2
Chapter 1175 7 days ago

I just love this novel so much. Probably one of my favorite novels of all time. I mean I liked everything about this novel ngl. I would read it again if I could forget what I've already read. I am a sucker for OP MC and everything this novel has to offer. I was hooked while I was reading it and it was a great read IMO. It deserves its rank on this site and If the writing was just a little better I would even compare it to LOTM. A must-read, I just wished it had more chapters.

  • Zurko 3

    bro this is a face slapping cultivation novel. don't compare this trash to the peak that is LOTM.

    • Nightdone22 2

      To each their own mate, or is there some sort of a ban on people mentioning what they like? LOTM is definitely better than this but I also love this.

      • Zurko 3

        you said your opinion and I responded with my opinion. that's how the internet works brother. if you like LOTM, you should also read mother of learning. I just finished it, it's very good. :)

AreBooksEdible 3
Chapter 1229 8 days ago

The first book I read when I came onto this site, and I believe it's unforgivable that I only gave it a five star rating now. I love this book. his character is almost flawless. plots aren't always repeating, and especially with the games. I feel that the pace isn't fast or slow, and there are always logic behind all actions. As for world building, it's really interesting to explore the different worlds Felix goes. there are two problems though. there are a lack of descriptive writing sometimes, but imagining the scenes are a piece of cake. another one is that. . . THIS BOOK IS F***ING ADDICTIVE. IT WON'T BE LONG BEFORE IT GETS ADDED TO THE LIST OF HARMFUL DRUGS!

Might 4
Chapter 1234 9 days ago

This is the type of novel which you have to be either new to reading or have a good tolerance to last until the good. The novel starts off in a pretty boring way and eventually rises up to become the best. The only problem I have with it is the "glitch" where chapters get stuck until the next day and get released in batches.

HelloMF 2
Chapter 1222 10 days ago

one of the best novels I've ever read in my opinion, the story is quite well done, rather original and easy to get into. I easily forgive mistakes made in view of the whole