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Spoiler AlertI really like this novel, nice to read and a good pace. But there are things that make absolutely no sense if you look at bets and winrates. So there are 50 players and they say players have normally a 1/3 betting rewards and that 1/10 is insanely high. Dude how? An Underdog should have something like 1/500 or 1/1000. And the winrate is even better, they talk about trash players which have a winrate of 30% šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚. So these guys are winning 3 out of 10 games with 30+ sometimes even 100+ players and are considered trash? And the winners have 50%+ so they win every second game? How is this shit even possible. This triggers me a bit, but like i said: its still very good to read. (Chapter 210)


I was enjoying the book until we got to the part where the mc BOUGHT TWO HUMAN SLAVES. Am I missing something? How is this getting glossed over? How is an author being literally pro slavery a good look? Is there like some plot twist to this later on? Iā€™m actually mindblown


Super good. Definitely be worth it. Yup I got the one that was made for me . Fast paced, no spoiler dumps . No strange phrases. Only error is poor editing at times


This story is absolutely cracked. Words cannot describe the incredible cunning of the MC and the fucking thrill it is to see him compete. The author boasts and incredible intelligence to create these scenarios and challenges and solve all of them.


This novel is probably my favorite on the site. The main character starts as a nobody who gets lucky, and it snowballs into him on the path of being the strongest in the universe. Bad ass fights, actually useful side characters, a little bit of politics spread in the mix, it's got a little bit of everything. 800 chapters and still no sign of stopping anytime soon. If you are on the brink of reading this, read a few chapters, and if you aren't hooked by then, then this probably isn't for you. 10/10 novel


***Translation is way to good*** *Time skip is not too irrational * Almost every character introduced has its own Behaviour and style * No Harem * No cringe Romance ( Reasonable Romance ) * Mc is not way too lucky * Not too many potholes * Power doesn't shot up high in way too short time *****Go For IT*****


Love and y'all should read but don't blame me if you get addicted to this hahaha goodluck to y'all and why do I need to write whole essay to post this


Best story I've ever read. Haven't regretted a single moment of my time spent on reading this one. It's absolutely great. The writing is good, few mistakes but nothing major compared to other stories. Story and character development is also good and just the general story is new and exciting. Great read. Definitely worth giving a shot.


Wonderful story that's very exciting the show the rise of a man to the rise of humanity against oppression, this story is fun and emotional and its a good choice for a new novel to try.


Really good, and I mean literally. Its like reading a novel that has all the genre possible. And also good character development and also so funny