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Supremacy Games novel is a popular light novel covering Sci-fi, Action, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author MidGard. 1231 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Welcome to Supremacy Games! The greatest entertainment platform in the universe that was created specifically to entertain and ease the boredom of the commoners all around the universe.
The platform was made out of tens of formats, each containing hundreds of deadly games that allowed the use of elemental abilities.

Sports format had games, like football, rugby, track running, and many more of such sports.

Battles format had games, like battle royals, bounty hunt, points collection...etc

There was even a lifestyle competition format, that had games like potion concoctions, fishing...etc.

As long as a game was well received by the spectators, it would be added to the Supremacy Games platform.

The Universal Virtual Reality that had 100% realism, made it easy for those games to be hosted inside it, and watched on a daily basis by every spectator in the universe.
Whether live by entering the UVR and attending the stadiums, or through a live stream.

Felix Maxwell was just an average joe, who wasn't really a popular player nor had a fanbase to support him in the games.
He was just like the majority of the players. Add on, whose role was to make famous players shine even brighter.

However, his fate was completely changed after joining a clan mission with 54 other clanmates. The mission was completed successfully. But, on their way back to the clan, their spaceship radar picked up a large amount of energy coming from a destroyed planet.

His fate flipped upside down inside that said planet. What happened exactly on it? How did he end up after leaving it? Did he even leave it in the first place?

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  • Spinnenschrei 2

    Is this worth reading, and if so, what specifically is good about it? If not, then explain why I shouldn’t. Idk if I should read this because it looks like another copy and paste but I can’t tell if it’s good from the other comments.

    • comedylover 1

      First of all the power scaling it keeps increasing natturally without it feeling forced 2nd the mix of op protaganist while also underdog protagnist felix is never in the op position for long and due to the power scaling but he still feels op i cant find anything else specific to say its incredibly enjoyable just try the first 100 chapter

  • MakeMakeGinto 4

    I am still waiting for the chapter where his new powers get introduced is it already introduced after he explodes?

  • lnwUser34597 2

    I think there would be a arc about laws right after felix become top 1, perfect manipulation would help him shut down other players, but not primogenitor (I think). Moreover, I'm eager to see how will laws work in this novel, hope it won't fall in typical chinese novel's trope

  • Arkifex 2

    This novel had a pretty weird concept of Social Credits (SC). Usually, in China, you get SC by praising the almighty leader and God but in this novel, they get SC by investing and selling things. Very weird.

    • Ren_2020 2

      SC here is supremacy coins bruv They are used as currency in supremacy games

      • Arkifex 2

        It's a joke for f*cks sake.

  • Real 4

    Dropped to rank 4?

  • Uniqueakash3152 7

    I've seen many people drop this sh*t because of the first chapter Is it only me or anybody else thought that was a unique opening for any novel like literally I've read tons of them but never seen that kind of opening

  • MakeMakeGinto 4

    Guys can anyone recommend me good novels where the mc is really arrogant like when they talked, they use this type of words like "This Young Master, This Supreme Being, This God" something like that like they describe theirselves.

    • lnwUser102702 1

      birth of the demonic sword but mc doesn't describe himself in that manner

      • MakeMakeGinto 4

        Read that and dropped maybe I'll read it in the future. Haven't reached where he really becomes arrogant tho since I read in the early chapter where he just joined the academy or something.

  • DeonHolo 1

    Soooooo many spelling mistakes it's not even funny anymore

  • Kaisaru 1

    Is filex and asna going to be thing, if yes then how?

    • xlemzy 6

      Yes they would be a couple. SPOILERS ahead - been warned - - - - - - And from what I remember (i’m not sure it’s exactly this) was when after Asna stopped trying to take some of the purify energy for herself from Felix and they talked it out. How Felix wanted Asna to be more honest with him and not pull that stunt anymore and promised to find a way to free her. Then they start bonding more after Asna gets access to the UVR and they went on a date. Asna didn’t know about her feelings at the time while the tenants knew and I believe after the date, Felix started seeing Asna in a romantic way? So Felix was taking the first steps for them by doing the little things till they became comfortable with touching. Now don quote me on any of this, this what I remember from the top of my head. But Asna was denying her feelings for the longest and was jealous when he was talking to other girls. - - When Asna enters the UVR is 648-655

      Edited: 1d~
      • Name_already_exist 3

        cant wait for them to become official couple😍

      • justsomerandom 2

        entirely correct asna was trying to surpress her feelings but after a long time of do small things it worked out between them

    • KleopatranInBurnu 1

      At the moment only the lovers have been nothing but simple contacts between them.

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  • Koreano 1

    How can I join the discord of Supremacy Games? Where can I find the link?

    Edited: 2d