Sins Paradise: Domination System
Sins Paradise: Domination System

Sins Paradise: Domination System

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Sins Paradise: Domination System novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Slice of Life, and Harem genres. Written by the Author MarudameOssan. 401 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Horizon Online. It was a death Virtual Reality MMORPG game where people had classes, hunted monsters, got riches, and fought similar players.

I, the strongest player in Horizon Online, managed to kill the last boss and expected to return to my home.

But after defeating the last boss, I was given a bonus stage, where I could choose one game of my choice. Without much thought, I chose an Eroge called ‘Sins Paradise’.

I arrived in Sins Paradise world as the minor villain with the same name as my character. But that didn't matter to me.

[Domination System! Dominate girls after completing the requirements!]

[Ding! You spanked Eliza Rose’s butt in public! Your Sins increased by 1!]

Making use of my overpowered strength and Domination System, plus my handsome features, I would conquer the best girls in the Sins Paradise.

My after journey to become the King of the world has begun!

*There will be no NTR.

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  • Rakuean 8

    I got clickbaited because of the cover and now I shall leave. R-18 usually doesn't provide much story and in-depth character development

    • Desskman 17

      Try Son of the hero king and City of Witch. Both novels have great plot and PLOT.

  • KiyoKouji 3

    In which chapter will the queen appear?

  • KiyoKouji 3

    Question Will Aurthor go after the princess of the Virtue kingdom (that said to have father complex)? Or will she fall in love with Author?

  • JayleeDnim2 3

    It's first person... that sucks

    • WillofHeaven 4

      What's wrong with First Person?

      • Fallingforyou 1

        3rd person gives a more world view. Cause there is different perspectives, and you somewhat get a view of what the MC is like to the rest of the cast.

      • JayleeDnim2 3

        I just prefer the "omnipotent third person narrator" as it's called.

      • lnwUser37309 3

        a third person narrator is a 3rd person expressed using the first person

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  • nerdygeekylife23 2

    I greet my senior brothers who have trodden far on the path of lust and horniness, I ask for your blessings as I pursue the dao of corruption

    Edited: 20d
    • DragonGodEmperor 4

      Thou hath learned well O fellow treader of the path of depravity. The journey must have been long and the mountains must have been too tall to climb. Despite all the trials and tribulations thoust may have faced... please know that thine journey has not yet cometh to an end! There are still greater 'twin peaks' to climb and more much more exercise needs to be put in for our glorious right hand!... for all our sakes it cannot be still... not now! Not Ever!

      • Lone_Traveler 1

        oh thy high and wise sage would you be as kind as too share some of your teaching thy wise sage

  • KazumaSato0429 25

    No c*nn*l*ng*s😢😢😢

  • MadNoah 4

    My first time reading this kind of novel. Not gonna lie, reading with a b*n*r is pretty hard.

  • DICE 3

    The dream of a adulterous is a cultural disaster.

    Edited: 24d
  • Roxin97 2

    Just for horn*y people how cultivate the corruption dao , its good for a ero novel

  • Reely 22

    I know you all h*rny *ss people were attracted here by the cover art too. Dont lie

    • Mix_Master 9

      I don't need to lie 😤 I came at the speed of light when I saw the cover art My finger moved subconsciously and pressed it 😳

      Edited: 26d