Sign In Buddha’s Palm
Chapter 249: Dumbfounded.

Chapter 249: Dumbfounded.

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The streets of Chang’an City were very lively, with people coming and going in each passing second.

However, in contrast to this joyous atmosphere, Ancestor Xue Xin, Ancestor Chi Yuan and the Ancestor of the Myriad Sword Sect were in shock as they stared at Su Qin.

They were at least a 7th Heavenly Layer Legend, especially Ancestor Xue Xin who’s at Peak 8th Heavenly Layer. Her Divine Sense could easily cover several dozen li. None of them had discovered Su Qin’s presence until he spoke.

Su Qin was like a ghost that had appeared out of thin air.

What does this mean?

It meant that if Su Qin was willing, he could become the scariest assassin in the world. His target wouldn’t even know what hit them.

“So you are those sleeping Ancestors of the Major Sects overseas?”

Su Qin looked at Ancestor Xue Xin with interest. With the [Eyes of Truth], he could even clearly see how the True Essence of the three Ancestors worked.

In the eyes of Su Qin, whether it was Ancestor Xue Xin, Ancestor Chi Yuan and the Myriad Sword Sect Ancestor, although their strength were that of Peak Legend, their qi and blood had already declined.

“Are you the Legend of Chang’an City?”

Ancestor Xue Xin’s expression was grave as she looked at Su Qin.

How could these old foxes not guess that the man in front of them was the Legend they were looking for?

It’s just that Ancestor Xue Xin originally thought that Su Qin was just a 7th Heavenly Layer Legend. However, now it seems that the strength of the opponent was far more than just the 7h Heavenly Layer.

Otherwise, how could a 7th Heavenly Layer hide from Ancestor Xue Xin’s perception and quietly approach them?

Su Qin smiled slightly, but did not respond to Ancestor Xue Xin’s question. Instead, he gave the three Ancestors a thoughtful look.

Su Qin had walked the Martial Dao for decades, but the enemies he had encountered so far were below him in terms of Cultivation Base. These three Ancestors were the first humans who were in the same level as Su Qin.

Of course, Qingqiu Qingling on Ying State Monster Island and the Demon Dragon in the War God Temple were not humans, so they were not included in the list.

“Hehe, Fellow Daoist has a good technique…” At this moment, Ancestor Chi Yuan suddenly sneered: “Not to mention other things, just the ability to restrain your aura is enough to stand atop the world…”

A ray of light flashed in the eyes of Ancestor Chi Yuan. In his opinion, Su Qin appearing here quietly must have something to do with an aura restraining technique.

At first glance, it seems incredible, but in fact it was not worth mentioning.

The most important in restraining aura was to restrain your aura. If Su Qin just kept silent and then retreated secretly, Ancestor Chi Yuan would have been upset, but Su Qin took the initiative to stand up. This was tantamount to giving up his field of expertise and facing death.

“An aura restraining technique?”

The Myriad Sword Sect’s Ancestor slightly relaxed in his heart.

After all, no matter how good such a technique was, in the end it was still just it restraining one’s aura. It does not improve one’s battle strength much.

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At this moment, countless thoughts flashed through the Myriad Sword Sect’s Ancestor’s mind. He soon became more and more certain that Ancestor Chi Yuan’s judgment was correct.

The Myriad Sword Sect’s Ancestor became even more confident the more he thought about it, and he had a hint of embarrassment. He, a Peak Legend that’s more than a thousand years old, was actually scared by Su Qin, a ‘junior’. If this were spread out, he would definitely become a laughing stock.

“Aura restraining technique?”

Su Qin hollowly laughed.

He was currently approaching a breakthrough. Whether it was his qi and blood or Divine Sense, they were deeply hidden within his body. Hence, he looked no different from an ordinary person. This was also why Ancestor Chi Yuan believed that he had used some technique.

Although, in some ways, what Ancestor Chi Yuan said was not wrong either.

“No matter what kind of technique you used, since you killed my Sect’s disciple, your sin is unforgivable. Obediently surrender and maybe I can spare your life.”

Ancestor Xue Xin took a step forward and suddenly shouted:


Three terrifying auras suddenly pounced towards Su Qin.

Although the Ancestors’ qi and blood were declining, under their joint efforts, even if they don’t use an all-out attack, they could still suppress an ordinary 7th or 8th Heavenly Layer.


The air around began to twist, as if it could not bear the pressure. However, no matter how the three Ancestors attacked, the people of Chang’an City walking in the vicinity seemed to feel nothing.

This was a fight between true experts.

For Peak Legends like Ancestor Xue Xin, unless they really striked with all their strength or was in a life and death battle, their power would be extremely restrained. It will only burst out when you really touch and collide with it. Before that, it would not cause any impact at all.

Faced with this scene, Su Qin remained calm and unmoved.

Under the gaze of the three Ancestors, as soon as their attacks were within 10 zhang from Su Qin’s body, they all disappeared without a trace.

“This is?!”

The Ancestors were shocked and they were unable to hide their astonished expression.

Three of them had teamed up. Even if they did not use their full strength, their strike was not something an ordinary Peak Legend could resist. If Su Qin had used various techniques and/or paid a certain price to block it, Ancestor Xue Xin might barely accept it, but Su Qin just stood there and didn’t do anything.


“You have condensed a domain?”

Ancestor Chi Yuan stared at Su Qin with a certain look.


Ancestor Xue Xin and the Myriad Sword Sect’s Ancestor looked at each other. In fact, even if Ancestor Chi Yuan didn’t say it, they had already guessed it. Being able to quietly disintegrate their joint attack, what else could it be other than a domain?

“Your eyesight is good.”

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Su Qin slightly nodded and indifferently said.

“Unfortunately it is too late, go to hell.”

Su Qin’s thoughts moved and the power of his domain began to spread rapidly towards the Ancestors.

Once the Ancestors fell into Su Qin’s domain, their life and death would be basically in Su Qin’s control.

“Not good!”

Ancestor Xue Xin’s face changed drastically. If Su Qin’s domain really trapped them, she and the other Ancestors would definitely die.

As for escaping?

In front of a Peak Legend with a domain, fleeing was the most stupid action. No matter how fast you run, can you outrun the speed in which the domain spreads?

Unless you abandon your body and escape with your Divine Sense by using a technique, then you can only get captured. However, this method was too costly, especially for Ancestor Xue Xin. If she really did that, she’ll only have a few more months to live.

“Chi Yuan!”

Ancestor Xue Xin Old looked at Ancestor Chi Yuan beside her.


Old Ancestor sighed softly, and a jet black domain also descended, barely blocking Su Qin’s domain. The two were in a stalemate…


Su Qin looked at Ancestor Chi Yuan in surprise. He didn’t expect the opponent to have a domain.

The [Eyes of Truth] can see all Internal Qi, but the domain was hidden in the Sea of ​​Consciousness. Unless it actively worked, even Su Qin may not be able to see it.

“A pity, your qi and blood have already decayed. How long can you live if you continue to use your domain?” Su Qin looked at Ancestor Chi Yuan, who had a grave expression and gave a disdainful smile.

For Martial Artists who have vigorous qi and blood and lifespan like Su Qin, using a domain was nothing more than a single thought. However, for Ancestor Chi Yuan, every time he uses his domain, he was consuming his remaining life.

“You know what, forget this.”

“It just happened that I didn’t have much fun beheading that dragon, so I’ll do that with you instead.” Su Qin rubbed his wrist and thought.

In Su Qin’s eyes, the domain was just another means. Although it was convenient, it was far from Su Qin’s actual power.

Su Qin used the domain just now because he was too lazy. But now it seems that this idea will obviously not be realized and Su Qin would have to come up with a few tricks.

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At the same time, outside Chang’an City.

A number of Legends from overseas were gathered, looking at the majestic Chang’an City from afar.

“Tsk tsk, Ancestor Chi Yuan, Ancestor Xue Xin and the Myriad Sword Sect’s Ancestor should have already entered Chang’an City, right?”

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A smile appeared on the face of a gray-haired man.

After the Ancestors woke up, they did not immediately go to the battlefield. Instead, they adjusted themselves for about 10 years before leaving. After all, after so many years of sleep, suddenly waking up, they naturally needed to adapt.

Hence, Legends who were ready to come to the battlefield to seek some opportunities, had reached the battlefield before the Ancestors could.

“Calculating the time, they should have arrived.”

One Legend slightly nodded, while looking at Chang’an City expectantly.

Naturally, they did not dare to compete for Chang’an City against Peak Legends like Ancestor Chi Yuan. Instead, they watched from afar, waiting for the Ancestors to fight against the Legend of Chang’an City.

“I don’t know if the Legend of Chang’an City could block the Ancestor Chi Yuan…”

A plump woman, who appeared in her thirties, sighed.


The gray-haired man at the beginning sneered: “More than one Peak Legend fell from Ancestor Chi Yuan’s hands. If it weren’t for the flaws in the Dark Source Sect’s technique, he would’ve entered the Earth Immortal Realm.”

“Not to mention that Ancestor Chi Yuan had condensed a domain.”

“Who could stop such a great character like him?”

The gray-haired man slightly shook his head and continued: “All of the creatures of Chang’an City will definitely be slaughtered…”

“So it’s like this.”

The other Legends also realized it.

“From my point of view, Ancestor Chi Yuan might be…” When the gray-haired man was about to speak, he saw a dark dome rising from the depths of Chang’an City, moving all around.

“Speaking of the devil, is this Ancestor Chi Yuan’s domain?”

The gray-haired man was taken aback for a moment and then smiled: “It seems that the battle is over. Ancestor Chi Yuan intends to use the blood sacrifice of several millions of creatures within the domain…”



[Click~ click~]

He saw a sword light that resembled a gap in space flashing away, which sliced the dark dome of Ancestor Chi Yuan into two.


The domain was shattered and the aura belonging to the Ancestor Chi Yuan was continuously weakening.

“This is?!”

The gray-haired man’s expression froze as he stared at this scene, dumbfounded.

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Sign In Buddha’s Palm Chapter 249: Dumbfounded.
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