Reincarnated as a Dog with System
Chapter 1: Reborn, but I am a dog?

A beautiful young girl curled up on the floor, twitching in pain.

Her delicate phoenix-like eyes cringed in agony, with all of its beauty and mirth drained completely.

Qin Hua tried her best to struggle against the inevitable, but tiredness started setting in.

She was tired, really tired from struggling her entire life.

If only her mother was alive, maybe her life could have been different.

Her dad wouldn't have remarried and she wouldn't have a stepmother and stepsister, who literally made it their life's aim to make her miserable.

They did everything to push her away, to ostracize her, and finally even managed to kick her out of the family.

But Qin Hua still persisted. She gritted her teeth and worked hard every second of the day to win a prestigious scholarship for medical school.

Her life would have finally turned around.

Even if everything else in her life was ruined, if she somehow managed to become a successful surgeon, then she was confident that she could earn back all the name and family love she had lost.

Or at least that's what she thought...

However, the vicious stepmother and stepdaughter pair did not even leave her that sliver of a chance...

1.1.2020, 0:01 am

Qin Hua laid on the ground twitching from the effects of the poison she had just consumed.

She was happy that her estranged family had finally invited her to a new year's celebration, but unfortunately, they had other plans for her.

"Why?" Qin Hua managed to get a word out, with her bloodshot eyes staring at her father.

"Heh. You don't know right? That old bastard passed away." Her father's cold eyes looked apathetically at her almost dead body.

What grandfather is dead? Qin Hua shuddered. Tears whelmed in her lifeless eyes.

"Hmph. That old bastard even dared to leave everything in your name!"

"If you want to blame someone for your pathetic state, blame him. Otherwise, why would we even look for you?

Qin Hua stared at her cold-blooded family, as her mouth frothed and she took her last breath.

1.1.2020, 0:05 am

At almost the same time as Qin Hua's listless empty body slumped on the ground, an invisible wave of myriad energies swept over the entire planet.

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Amidst the loud and pompous new year celebrations, the earth silently started rotating at a higher speed.

Countless invisible wisps of mystical energy descended on the planet. A few places even experienced earthquakes of minor magnitudes.

However, in the next few seconds, everything quieted down as if nothing out of ordinary had occurred.

But unfortunately ... Though everything looked the same, it most definitely was not the same anymore.

The Qin family breathed signs of relief as the earthquakes ceased.

"Phew. Nothing big." Qin Hua's father, the Qin family's current official head, Qin Jinguan adjusted his collar.

"Yue, go check her breathing. If she is already dead, get a housekeeper to bury her body in the backyard."

Looking at his daughter's dead body, one last time, Master Qin coldly harrumphed. "Even a dog deserves a decent burial."

"Tomorrow is going to be a long day with the lawyers and filing the death report! What a waste of time!" He then yawned and turned in for the night.

A few seconds later a couple of housekeepers came around and cleaned up the entire area and everything went back to normal.

And just like that...

Qin Hua, the Qin family master's eldest daughter was declared dead due to a natural heart attack.


But, unbeknownst to them...

H city, 1.1.2020, 0:05 am:

A warm sensation enveloped Qin Hua's body. She was confused.

Just a minute ago, she was writhing in intense pain and dying? What the hell was happening now?

The pain had magically disappeared and her muddled mind slowly cleared up.

Soon the harsh reality dawned on her as well.

It was very possible that she had already died and was now basking in the warm glow of the pearly gates.

She was supposed to feel sad? Maybe?

But for some reason, she felt extremely light and happy.

Her entire life was one misfortune after another. Qin Hua didn't really mind that.

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Everyone's life had its own ups and downs. What really got to her was her own behavior.

What sort of a fucking loser would willingly go and fall for such an obvious trap!!!

They had disappointed her, tortured her, and humiliated her over and over again and again, but till the very bitter end, she held on to an impossible dream like a fool, that one day maybe they would change their mind and accept her as well.

After all, she was also her father's own flesh and blood.

How idiotic!!

Thanks to this stupidity of hers, she even ended up getting killed like a brainless chicken, willingly walking to the butcher's shop.

Qin Hua smiled. That pathetic life of hers was already over and with it, all its unpleasant memories.

And now all she had to do was to wait patiently for her new life and her fresh start. Well maybe?

After all, Qin Hua was pretty new to the pearly gates of heaven. She had no idea how all of this worked.

Tada... Any time now?

After waiting for a while, Qin Hua started feeling a bit restless. Waiting patiently in this random fluid-like formless state was very boring.

It was worse than sitting silently outside a doctor's room and patiently waiting for one's turn.

After what seemed like years, the warm sensation slowly started fading away.

But much to Qin Hua's dismay, an intense pain replaced that warm pleasant feeling.

What the hell is happening? Where is my fresh start?

A loud ringing noise ripped through Qin Hua's extra sensitive ears.

Her head was pulsating in agony and the next instant she fainted.

Little did she know that she had already been reborn!

That loud ringing noise she heard was nothing but the sound of an empty beer can hitting the trash bin.

And the youngster with the perfect aim, who kicked the can that was littering the road, was walking just a few yards away from her.

The tall young man stopped for a second.

"Do you hear something Chen?"

He stopped his friend by putting his one hand forward and signaled him to keep quiet with his other hand on his lips.

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Hmm? Lu Chen was confused.

Lu Chen and Su Yan were high school students and roommates, who were just returning to their apartment after a school new years party.

As Su Yan shushed the incessantly chattering Lu Chen next to him, a faint whimper dully sounded from the dark empty alleyway to their right.

Su Yan immediately rushed towards the source of the noise.

Though it was not visible in the darkness of the night, he had a very worried expression on his face.

It sounded like someone or some animal was heavily wounded and crying for help.

Su Yan and Lu Chen hurried their footsteps and reached the alleyway corner in a jiffy.

Two huge trash bins occupied the small dark space, devoid of any lighting.

Su Yan immediately fished out his phone and flipped his torchlight on.

And just as they had feared, a small snow-white puppy stared back at them.

The poor animal was heavily injured and faintly whimpered in pain.

"What do we do now bro? " Lu Chen asked with visible panic in his tone.

He hurriedly turned left and right to see if anyone else was around for help.

"It's the middle of the night, on a new year's eve, which veterinary clinic would even be open now?"

Su Yan slowly leaned forward, very cautiously approaching the wounded animal.

However, his caution was for naught.

The poor puppy was barely conscious and didn't have enough strength to get defensive or anything of that sort.

The thing was barely alive with dark red blood and sticky grease smeared on its snow-white fur.

Su Yan carefully bundled the little thing.

As he was wrapping the puppy in his jacket, Su Yan suddenly thought of a solution.

"Chen, I know a tenant on the 7th floor. That sister is a nurse. Let's take him there."

The two boys ran as fast as they could and reached their apartment in the next few minutes. Good thing they were just a few blocks away.

"Happy new year, handsome." A middle-aged woman opened the door with her arms wide open intending to give Su Yan's lean body a bear hug.

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But noticing the small injured thing in his arms, she immediately sobered up and signaled the boys to get inside.

Reincarnated as a Dog with System Chapter 1: Reborn, but I am a dog?
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