Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan
Chapter 314: The Laughable Hyuga Clan

Because the three members of team-11 were seriously injured, so team-11 was given a short respite period by Sandaime-sama.

During this period, Kuroto also got the opportunity to finally meet Sandaime-sama and recited all the things he witnessed in the Land of Demons.

Sandaime sighed after hearing those, although he had already read the report submitted by Kuroto, hearing it is another thing. Destruction of an entire country is not something that can be taken lightly.

Finally, Sandaime said, “I will discuss this matter with the other Kages so you do not have to worry about these things, now what do you plan to do with the daughter of Miko?”

Kuroto answered, “Shion is the heir of Miko, so it is inevitable for her to inherit that position in the future. But considering the enemies, it would be best to enroll her in the ninja academy. In the academy, she will be able to build her foundation as a Kunoichi, while her other education will be conducted under my fiancé, Hyuga Yui’s guidance.”

Sandaime nodded, for the personal education of Miko’s daughter, he didn’t really care much. But he was happy that Miko’s daughter will be enrolled in the ninja academy. Sandaime hopes that the future Miko of the Land of Demons would have friendly relation with Konohagakure. The authority of Miko of Land of Demon is unquestionable, so her being friendly with Konoha would obviously be advantageous for Konoha. Therefore, Sandaime had no reason to decline Kuroto’s proposal.

In fact, he also said that he would make sure that the instructors at the academy take special care of Miko’s daughter, befitting of her status.

Everything is for the benefit of Konoha, if the next Miko is under Konoha’s debt so Konoha will continue to receive many missions from her. Which will ultimately improve Konoha’s income.

After everything was cleared, Kuroto excused himself and spent some days strolling around the village along with Yui, Shion, and Taruho.

The objective was to make Shion familiar with the village, and also spend some personal time with Yui that he has been unable to do for quite a while.

One day he also brought Shion and Taruho to the center of the Hyuga Clan to introduce them to the Patriarch.

Although Shion’s identity was concealed from most, the higher-ups of the Hyuga Clan were obviously aware of the existence of the daughter of Miko of the Land of Demons.

Hyuga Hizashi personally escorted Shion and Taruho and led her to the Patriarch, Hyuga Hiashi’s mansion.

At this time, in the training field of Patriarch’s House, two kids, one girl, and the other boy, both around the same age as Shion were fighting each other using Hyuga Gentle Fist.

The two kids were none other than Hyuga Hinata and Hyuga Neji.

The two kids stood opposite each other, and after a ceremonious bow, both of them took their respective stance and were ready for combat.

“Begin!” – Shouted the referee.

“Byakugan!” – Neji.

“Byakugan!” – Hinata.

Both of them activated their respective eyes almost at the same time.

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“Be careful Hinata-sama!” – Neji said gently.

“Yes, Neji-nii-san!” – Hinata nodded.

With that Neji stopped talking and immediately started attacking.

Among the spectators.

Kuroto smiled looking at Neji, ‘Neji is really good for his age, in fact, I bet that he is even better compared to how strong he was at this age in the original story.’

Neji’s talent is undoubtedly very good, at such a young age, he has already mastered, pace, rhythm, coordination, and basic chakra control required to practice Gentle Fist Taijutsu. And the reason why his strength is higher compared to his cannon counterpart is because of the presence of Hyuga Hizashi. Since he has not died, so Neji is constantly being trained and supervised by his father therefore, his strength is obviously better.

In contrast, there seems to be no change when it comes to Hinata, she is still weaker compared to Neji.

But it’s not that Hinata’s talent is bad, the main reason is a bit of reluctance within her. Hinata is a gentle girl, and that gentleness is stopping her to make the most out of her talent. This is also reflected here, and slowly flaws have started to appear.

Until Hinata hardens her resolve, she would not be able to accomplish what she is truly capable of.

Shion who sitting next to Yui tucked her sleeve and asked in a low whisper, “Yui-sensei, why are both of them only using Taijutsu? Aren’t ninjas supposed to use all kinds of Jutsu, like… like… throw Shuriken, use swords, breathing out fire, controlling earth, and water et cetera.”

Yui nodded slightly, and explained, “True, but not everyone uses everything.”

Shion questioned curiously, “Why?”

Yui answered, “Well it’s because ninjas are also of various types with different fields of expertise, and everyone uses has their own unique style of combat that suits them the best, what you are seeing there is a Hyuga-Style Taijutsu. It is called Gentle Fist. Our Hyuga Clan specializes in this form of combat method.”

Shion nodded as if she understood, she asked, “Can I also learn it?”

Yui asked curiously, “Why do you want to learn Gentle Fist Taijutsu?”

Shion answered with sparkling eyes, “Well, Kuroto Onii-chan and sensei are Hyuga so you must also know Gentle Fist Taijutsu, so I was wondering if I could also learn it too? I want to become like Onii-chan!”

‘Kawaii!’ was Yui’s first thought as she looked at Shion, but she immediately recollected herself and after putting one finger over her cheek she said, “Theoretically speaking you can indeed learn Gentle Fist Taijutsu Style, however, in practice, it wouldn’t be feasible for you Shion-chan. The Gentle Fist of the Hyuga Taijutsu highly relies upon Byakugan, that is our Clan specific Kekkei Genkai, and our innate ability to expel chakra from all our Tenketsu.

Putting aside our innate ability, Byakugan alone brings a worldly difference to our Gentle Fist style.”

Shion asked in confusion, “What is Byakugan?”

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Yui realized her mistake, and answered, “You have been in Konoha for a while now, and you must have noticed that many people living in this area of the Village have these white-colored eyes, right? These are called Byakugan, and almost all Hyugas have them. But that’s the thing, only Hyugas have them. These eyes are necessary to be able to use Hyuga Style Gentle Fist. Without these, mastering Gentle Fist would be very difficult. So, you’d be far better off spending your time learning new Ninjutsu and still become much stronger.”

“Oh…!” – Shion nodded with a pout.

Yui smiled slightly while looking at Shion’s disappointed look, and she said lightly, “Don’t worry Shion-chan, as I mentioned, there are still many other forms of combat, and you will definitely find something that will suit your style.

Of course, if you don’t find something else, and if you are still adamant about learning the Gentle Fist despite how difficult it may be for you… then I definitely do my best to teach you.”

Shion raised her head and asked expectantly, “Really?”

Yui nodded, “Mm-hmm, really.”

Smash… Smash…


At this time, Hinata was knocked out because of momentary carelessness.

Neji himself was taken aback, he expected Hinata to be able to dodge those palm strikes, but she didn’t and now he was a bit panicked that Hinata may have gotten injured. So he hurriedly stepped forward to help get up.

“Do not help her, let her stand up by herself!” – At this time, a cold voice sounded from the spectator’s side.

Neji froze, and he had to step back, his expression was at a loss.

While Hinata bit her lip and got up.

Hyuga Hizashi saw that Hinata was both tired and injured and he wanted to let Hinata take a break, Hiashi obviously couldn’t voice out his thoughts, and Hizashi also understood that if he asked Hinata to take a rest then the elder sitting on the side would object.

Kuroto understood the dilemma of the two brothers, and volunteered, “Hiashi-sama, with your permission may I check up on Neji’s progress?”

Hiashi was silent for a while, then nodded.

With a smile, Kuroto got up and walked to the court.

Taking advantage of the gap when Kuroto was instructing Neji, Hinata retreated with her injured arm and sat next to her father, who did not even bother to glance at her from beginning to end.

On Kuroto’s side.

Neji ceremoniously bowed to Kuroto, and said respectfully, “Sensei, please advise.”

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Kuroto nodded, and said, “Attack with determination to kill, anything less than that is unacceptable, understand?”

Neji nodded, and after taking a deep breath his eyes turned serious and the veins around his eyes bulged.


After activating his Byakugan, Neji fiercely rushed towards Kuroto and started a flurry of attacks.

From just the first few moments, it can be seen that he was holding himself back when fighting Hinata. But when fighting with Kuroto, Neji understood that he can go all out, as such his speed was faster, attacks were more precise, such that his arms had turned into afterimages.

However, all of Neji’s effort was ineffective as his attacks couldn’t even graze Kuroto who deflected all of his attacks with little ease. Kuroto did not even have to activate his Byakugan to be able to do so.

Kuroto only dodged or deflected Neji’s attacks and also gave occasional advice.

“Huff… Huff…!!!” – Soon Neji could no longer keep up the same pace, and his breathing became rugged, but he still had a fighting spirit burning in his eyes.

Kuroto nodded and said, “You can go faster, can you not?”

Neji spoke, “I can, but in which case, my form will be improper, and pace will also be disturbed.”

“True, form, and pace are two very important aspects of Gentle Fists. However, you must understand that having a good form and perfect pace would be of no use if you can not even touch your enemy, think about it, would they be of any use if your opponent can dodge it or block it all?”

Neji had a thoughtful look upon hearing Kuroto’s words.

At this time, Kuroto glanced in the direction of the elders from the corner of his eyes. What he said just now was not just intended to be said to Neji, but also to the other Hyugas, including Hiashi and Hizashi brothers sitting on the side.

The education system of the Hyuga Clan is too rigid, which has caused the Hyugas to be highly restrained in their desired form of combat from early childhood. There are no variations from clansman to clansman. And this is clearly displayed in their rigid nature.

Take Hinata for example, Kuroto doesn’t think that she is suitable for practicing Gentle Fist, however, she is forced to practice Hyuga Taijutsu, but because of her kind nature, she is unable to display the full potential of Gentle Fist. But instead of given proper guidance, she is scolded, met with cold eyes, and repeatedly looked down upon by others which has made her personality to be meek and weak.

Hyuga Clan was undoubtedly powerful, has existed for over a millennium but this ancient history has stopped its development. The times are changing, but Hyuga Clan has always been unable to keep up with these changes.

So much so that, Kuroto is the only one in his generation with strength at the level of a Kage, and among the females, there is only Yui, but even her strength is still far from being at the level of a Kage, maybe a quasikage?

Anyway, the overall strength of the Hyuga Clan has declined so much. Compared to the Uchiha Clan that has been causing storms all over the Shinobi World, and has been regarded as the strongest Shinobi Clan of this era, Hyuga Clan is nothing special.

In fact, Hyuga Clan is almost regarded as nothing more than a clan sensor shinobi, the Byakugan, one of the three Great Dojutsu is now only used for detection, which is laughable, considering that the Chakra Ancestor also has a pair of Byakugan, and Byakugan is one of the three great dojutsu.


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Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan Chapter 314: The Laughable Hyuga Clan
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