Poison God's Heritage
Chapter 435: Mission Complete

Morning came, and all the tiger could see was the fully evaporated lake, and the bloated, cooked, and fully dead carcass of the toad.

A saint Beast that would have been slightly annoying for the Heavenly Dark Tiger was managed and killed by a cultivator not even in the ascendant realm.

A feat not many could make if any at all. The power difference wasn't just the quantity of Qi that the Toad possesses, but also the quality. After all, using regular heavenly Qi to kill a Saint Qi beast is unheard of. But here, it was obvious to the tiger's eyes that the young man who was laying on his back, taking deep breaths from the morning's cold breeze was not someone ordinary.

After all this person asked to be a 'friend' for a beast.

The tiger walked down to the dry lake, and all the way to Shen Bao's side and spoke, "You managed a feat that I thought would be impossible for the current you, I was curious and now I'm surprised, but tell me what happened? Why didn't the toad jump when it was too hot?" the tiger asked.

"Arrogance," I said.


"Yes, the toad, for a while when the lake was heating up, thought that it wouldn't bother him much, since the heat was far too low to even cause him any injuries, not only that he didn't even care since he was able to coat himself with chilling Qi to suppress the fire."

Yet he only coated himself with a small amount of Qi that seemed negligible at first. So the more I increased the heat the more the Qi the toad was using was being consumed."

"Interesting, but why haven't the toad realized that it was being cooked alive?"

Shen Bao shook his head, "It did, but it did so when it was far too late. It only realized that it was dying when the majority of the Qi in his body had already been dispersed. After all, I didn't just heat up the lake I added a special poison to it." he said.

"What kind of poison?"

"Breath Sealing Poison, it's not something uncommon, and it helps disperse Qi, the more Qi you use, the more it eats away from you, but I used it in small Quantities. A saint Class creature would not even care about a sup Saint level poison, thus the effects were multiplied when the Toad continued to try and disperse the heat. At one point when there was only half the water left in the pond, the toad decided that it couldn't stay in any longer, and when it tried to jump away, the physiology of his body refused. Using so much energy to try and regulate heat and convert Qi into chilling Qi had incredibly weakened the Toad's body. It weakened it so much that it could do nothing but boil on low heat and die unable to even move or budge."

"A cruel way to kill a creature," the tiger said.

"It indeed is, but I had no other way or choice in the matter, facing something this strong head-on is nothing short of committing suicide, and I still value my life."

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"Aren't you using nothing but a spare body?" the tiger said.

"It's an asset, and I'm a greedy person who does not like waste," he said.

The human stood up, dusted himself up, and looked in the direction of the Thunder Tree.

"You can have it," the tiger said.


I replied, "Thank you," while smiling.

"I'm still unsure about one thing," the tiger spoke.

"What is it?" I asked.

"How come, you who are far less powerful were able to sustain yourself under the increasing heat of the lake, while the toad died, any other human would have died," the tiger stated.

"Simple," I replied as I held my hand forward.

A small flame rose on top of my hand, it was green and roared in a beautiful light yet terrifying heat at the same time.

"This body was able to obtain a Veridian Heart Flame, making it almost immune to heat. Sustaining this type of heat is nothing but a piece of cake," I said.

"Though I don't understand how cake has anything to do with this, this flame is indeed powerful, and good, you may have whatever you wish of from the trees there, and more if you like, I'll have to ask you to revert the damage you did to the pond, it is a source of water of a good portion of the forest that lay ahead." The tiger said.

"Sure, I'll make sure to fix it," I said then headed toward the trees.

Two Thunder Trees were rising on top of the middle island in the now dry pond.

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The thunder trees were charred black, yet their leaves were green and healthy.

And on their bark was black mold that seemed to grow in abundance.

The mold itself was conducting electricity as you watch it, sparks of lightning danced from the tree bark playfully.

I hunched down and began collecting the mold making sure to leave a bit for it to grow back on the bark.

And while I was collecting the mold something caught my eye.

It was a small crystalline marble that was embedded in the ground. It didn't seem like it was man-made.

As I grabbed the crystal marble, a surge of electric shock coursed my body enough that I felt I was about to be fried alive.

I hastily let go of the marble that sparked on the ground as if it was containing a furious storm.

"Oh, interesting thing there,"

I made sure to use an insulator and threw the marble in my holding bag. I'll have to look this up later.

Since it was still Dawn, it is the perfect time for me to head to the other location.

I looked around, trying to thank the tiger for the opportunity but he didn't seem to be anywhere here.

"Y, go up to main stream and revert the water flow to what it was before, also make sure to remove the makeshift dam I made so the flow of water continues, I have somewhere to go." I said.

With one of my missions completed I needed to finish the other one. So I headed to the location of the Blood Dawn Flowers.

It didn't take me much time to arrive and once I was there, the flowers looked completely different than before.

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Their petals were open as if they were absorbing the energy of the coming sun. But I didn't have much time since the sun was about to rise. And the best time to harvest these flowers is right now.

So as I was about to move to take the stalks, I noticed something moving under the lake water.

"Oh, no wonder the location was revealed but no one took the stalks. A monstrous being lives in this pond..."

I couldn't fully gauge the power of the creature living in the pond, but I still didn't have enough time. So it was time to apply what I learned before.

I took a calm breath and focused inwardly making sure that every action I ever took and think about taking was to be nullified using the exact same counterforce.

Traceless Step.

I took a step on top of the pond water, without causing a single ripple, then another. And another.

And soon I was on top of the middle island and right next to the stalks.

Though I can fully suppress my presence, once I rip the stalks out, their energy fluctuation will notify whatever that is living in the pond to my existence.

I pulled a small pill from my pouch, smiled then threw it behind me.

Before the pill even made contact with the water, I ripped the stalks from the ground and launched myself as fast as possible across the water.

A giant geyser of water burst behind me.

An eel-like creature, with a size comparable to a giant whale, surged from the bottom of the lake, and in its mouth, the bait I threw for it.

A powerful poison pill that's capable of paralyzing a dozen elephants in a second.

The creature didn't even have time to look for the thief as a surge of debilitating poison Qi coursed through its body. While I was running away as fast as I could with the stalks in hand.

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