Outside Of Time
Outside Of Time

Outside Of Time

Beyond Time

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Outside Of Time novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Er Gen. 880 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Heaven and Earth serve as the guesthouse for all living things, with Time being the sojourner since time immemorial.

As with the difference between dreaming and awakening, the distinction between life and death is diverse and confused, and changing.

What awaits us beyond time, once we have transcended life and death, heaven and earth?

Xu Qing’s world sank into deathly silence after the descendence of “God”. Master cultivators brought the human race and escaped the continent, and the remaining people struggled to survive. Every place that was met by “God’s” gaze had nearly all life forms wiped out.

Young Xu Qing was lucky enough to survive. But in a world where ferocious beasts roamed and infighting was rampant within the human race, it was difficult to survive.

“If cultivation doesn’t give me the power to fight against God, then I shall become God myself!”

This is a story of how a human teenager became a god, step by step, to survive

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  • SugarGod 6

    Which novels should i read if i like this

    • Hidden_silk_ 12

      U can try I eat tomatoes latest book it's nice ;)

    • RandomAsian101 5

      Anything else by Er Gen, Seeking the Flying Sword Path, Carefree Path of Dreams, Nightfall (heard it's good), and Fantasy Simulator (maybe). I would have more recs but the reset destroyed my library.

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  • Killabee 3

    can anyone tell me the cultivation realms in this novel?

    • Fateless 1

      Same as most regular cultivation novels with small differences

      Edited: 17h
  • NasiGoreng_YgImuttt 6

    Can someone tell me if this is the same universe as Er gen's other works?

    • Saudade 6

      Yeah, you can actually see that the mc of AWWP met xu qinq in chapter 955

      Edited: 8d
  • VoidDaoist 1

    Fun fact: you can encounter Xu Qing in Chapter 955 and 1114 of A World Worth Protecting wiseacre

  • PennilessMonk 8

    I fell for the evil called temptation again & bought 20 advanced chapters from that other site, now i have to wait WEEKS for the normal upd to catch up. I f*ck*ng regret it!

    • AuthorsWorks 5

      Poor soul. That's why I do extensive research trying to find out if there is any free chapters available if not more. I recommend it. Saved me many adollars

  • demonlord0 6

    Er Gen????? well time to read at least 100 chapters before dropping

  • Dragster 5

    Is this in the same universe?

    • Crosscutfurn 15

      Yup, Mc of a world worth protecting meets Xu Qing

  • kiwis 12

    im waiting until there is at least a 1000 chaps before i start to read er gens latest i heard its his best one yet

  • MHLEnviro 5

    After chapter 840, it kinda becomes obvious, why it is called "Outside of Time". This is the best, just give it a try+ a little patient.

  • isekaiho3 3

    face slapping courting death young masters every chapter? harem?