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NeverDying 1
Chapter 1392 14 hours ago

This is a masterpiece in character development, world building and story progression. Initial few chapters seems to be boring like slice of life novel but when the time you finish the 1st volume you will know how good it is. The book is full of mystery and there is no romance.

Cantstopreading69420 1
Chapter 1432 yesterday

This is novel is slow paced, and is not how I like it. Yes, I know this is good story and people like it but for me slow pace just kills the mood considering we are 1500 chapters in the story.

Rifater 1
Chapter 510 yesterday

The novel is amazing, in my opinion. The world building, one of the best I have ever seen, everything is so detailed and feels so real. The characters, really good, they're distinct yet humane. The plot, wow, I can't describe how good it is. And finally, klein, the mc. He feels so smart, but isn't cold like the typical stereotype and his thoughts are honestly hilarious. So overall, 9. 5/10. The only thing 8 can criticize is that the first couple of chapters are honestly lacking.

lnwUser116948 1
Chapter 1432 2 days ago

Unique power system, that'a going in Group with exellent storytelling, worldbilding and interesting characters with their own bakstories that mąkę them feel real. Also, autor makes fabulous job with setting mood adequate to situation, taking immersion of reader to another level.

Pigeon 2
Chapter 1394 2 days ago

There's not much to say from me, this novel is an absolute banger! The plot is amazing and detailed, I've never seen anywhere better world building than in this novel. Characters have their own past, story and future. Overall this story has amazing concept, and amazing potential for next books (like LOTM 2 thats is now ongoing). You should definitely try reading it, I'm 90% sure you won't be dissapointed.

MuchPressure 2
Chapter 1395 2 days ago

the drama, tragedy, and especially the world-building. In terms of action, phenomenal, the fights are not linear, everything is extremely organic and intelligent, a very well-assembled and closed system and where even a god can be deceived. And the last tip, DON'T READ THE WIKI, seriously guys, there is an extremely important plot twist in the story, so don't look for spoilers. If you care a lot about spoilers involving names, don't read further. Susie, Arrodes and Frank Lee are simply the best characters you want to put in a jar and protect. Baby will, Reinette, Sharon, Fors, Audrey, Derrick and Medici are definitely my favorite characters. Amon is not just a villain, he is THE GOAT. Honestly, if you've read this far, read lotm, each volume is unique, the world building is phenomenal. Let Circle of Inevitability come. PRAISE BE THE CRAZY.

PotatoLoading 2
Chapter 1267 3 days ago

Even if it seems kinda overwhelming at the start with information dumping it’s only to make you understand the story just like every other WN only longer, it’s really good after the information dump and the first hundred chapters (and even before it’s not say bearable because it’s also good) should definitely read it

Smoksez 1
Chapter 543 3 days ago

Definatly one of the best novels I ever read, great writing and story telling which let's you actually feel like you are in this world. Together with the fantastic unique world building and interesting Characters makes this book a must read for me.

Fadel 1
Chapter 1396 3 days ago

As an avid reader and fantasy connoisseur, I rarely ever read Chinese novels because I just don't like the style of their writing and most of the time the translations need more work. I tried starting this novel several times because of recommendations but could never get past the first few chapters, until one day I persevered and decided to continue reading. Guess what happened next? I finished it in a week. Case closed.

cringeoid 2
Chapter 1432 3 days ago

10/10, Slow at the start because of Info dump but starts to pick up. World building is great which provides massive potential to the sequel. If you like mystery this is definite must read.