Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse (WN)
Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse (WN)

Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse (WN)

2498 Chapters 18.5M Views 10.1K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse (WN) novel is a popular light novel covering Video Games, Action, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author Adui. 2498 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Blessed with unlimited mana, Noah travels the worlds and sees rampant corruption and injustice.

Have you seen countless icebergs fall asunder?

Have you watched a dragon despair?

Follow one man as he overturns the order of the worlds...


This is a story of fantasy and fiction, events or names used have no relation to the real world.

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  • Chandra 1

    So I started reading this novel I have read 600 chapters well its kind of addictive to see the mc shoot level like nothing but there are really something that don't suite my taste and it's the novus galaxy core she seem like some kind of manipulator that design everything and noah just follow through them even his f*cking traits was chosen by her it's kind of put me off of the story he seem like a slave at this point perhaps I am the only one but can you told me of that core will always be here to 'direct' him even in the latest chapters because if it's I don't truly wanna continue reading thanks

  • Quetzalcoatl 5

    perfect example of bad writing good story. sure its not TERRIBLE writing but it leaves a lot to be desired, like a lot. its still a good story but do not expect any character development, noah has the personality traits of a brick. there are way too many girls which wouldn't be a problem if they had any character development which they do not. most of the time their family is nowhere to be seen nor mentioned majority of the chapters have noah inner monologging because the author figured out he's not very good at dialogue which is ok if noah had a personality but he doesn't at least where im at. now this isn't a hate comment just saying these are the kind of problems you can expect if your reading, it’s entertaining ofc but it has its problems mostly minor ones like the author forgetting noah's overpowered abilities but i digress

    Edited: 6d
  • ShaiB 2

    So he created his first Dao Are we gonna nerf the potential of a Dao he created that could potentially rise a civilization of shape-shifting multipurpose omnipotent being? They can literally be what ever species they choose to be at any certain points and situations and get the whole benefits, I mean, dragons eat tons more then humans? Why not eat in human form? It would save tons of foods. Why have mixed formation while you can start a fight with a whole front of dragons in which they turn in to two teams of melee creatures and distance shooters phonies or whatever? So much use for this and the only one advantage was pointed out... When in production they could use it to change forms and have the best abilities at any point of the product stage... Absolutely mind blowing

    • Quetzalcoatl 5

      its just not necessary at the speed he's progressing. sure you can make superhumans like superman or spiderman make grand masterplans but what are they gonna do about a nuke? they die. the nuke being a single hit from someone at a higher stage

  • SadaiahChoppari 1

    Man this feels bland like things happen real quick that I can't feel any connection to the characters so does that change and please will there be more interactions with mc and other characters ?

  • Novelzeus 4

    Can anyone recommend something similar but completed. I don't want to wait for the releases.

  • LordDida 4

    All gas no break. Fast paced fast paced. Level up level up Overpowered overpowered.

  • ImARandom 17

    I occasionally return to see if this is still releasing chapters. It is still going strong it would seem. I will eventually start up again. I think I have over 800 chapters since the last time I’ve read this.

  • Adamkancy164 2

    I saw on the fandom that a couple important people suddenly died, or at least thats their status rn. Can anyone tell me if they can or will be revived or if they are really dead? I dont want spoilers on what happend just want to know if they are perma dead or what

    • Diablo_T 1

      Not dead i think he saves them at last min. In wiki it was given according to chapter 2476. Read after that and you will know.

      • Leini0 1

        He tries but isn't able to, so his son who survived thorough it the best has a charred body and soul, and a couple others like one of his wives barbatros and the empire Pinguin only remain with a sliver of their soul. It's still uncertain if Noah can save them or not

        Edited: 11d
      • PrajmeXx 1

        Don't worry, he will save them, since he is THE Quintessential Hyperversal Emperor

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  • DarshakPatel 1

    Is this novel written in first person perspective or it is just me who thinks it is like that

    • kayle97 1

      If I remember correctly, the novel did start out as first person. Author eventually changed that tho

  • Nameje 1

    Hello guys, i have read till chapter 30 and i have a question. Is the author going to keep talking to the past? Like i went, i had etc. Thanks

    • Josiah626 23

      First-person point of view is what you're describing, but it won't last.

    • ObstinateFalcon 2

      That's actually the correct tense to be used, so yes.

      • Shadow_Of_The_Abyss 5

        Thank you I can't stand talking in the present while narrating in a novel it's disgusting and annoying to read.

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