Indulging in Carnal Desire

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This was recommended to me by someone for being different from the normal and I admit it's different but not in a good way. Carnal Desire's is basically intimacy boosted to 120% in repulsive ways that I stopped reading it at chapter 56 as I just couldn't take it anymore. I've read other novels I didn't care for but still felt worth finishing but this isn't one of them. Only giving 2 stars because of how different it is to be unbiased in the review but there isn't anything praiseworthy other than that.


Uhmmmm...Great story, i really like these because she changes worlds and roles once done—which i favored cause like other romance novel, if the same plot will go on until 70+ chapters—which is boring for me cause once you reach that 20+ chapter, your brain will start to predict the next move and ending, then you’ll lost interest cause you want the other to die (cause you’re bitter in life) but it’s impossible cause ur not the author. Plus i like how female lead is so bold and and directly seduce the ml. I admit that the first world feels wrong and right at the same time but yeah thanks to my cousin who traumatized me to the anime “shoujo ramune” And “soul insert” i easily got over with it, but i know most of the people here feels uncomfortable. BUT—give this a try cause for me it’s good enough especially the next worlds ( i even got fever from staying up all night reading this and ATM I’m still burning up while typing this)