A cold wind was blowing on the top of a building.

Two people were confronting one another.

The woman who was glaring at me with her long blond hair flying in the air was the A-class hero, Stardus.

And I, who is confronting her now, was obviously a villain.

“Well, your game is over now. What else are you going to do?”

She glared and shot me coldly.

This is me being caught by a hero just because I took a few hostages and caused terrorism.

Well, that is obvious, isn’t it…?

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The one who is against me, her name is Stardus.

Her real name is Shin Haru.

She is righteous, does not overlook injustice, and is kind and determined.

She is the main character from the comic book that I somehow fell into.

I have been her enemy for years.

Why? Well, to be honest, it was all for her.

But I am sure she will never know.

Hiding my feelings, I laughed and spoke to her in a scoundrel’s voice.

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“Yeah, good job this time as well. You did great. As expected from my old enemy.”

As I said with exaggerated applause to the air, she wrinkled her expression.

“I don’t need your approval, you piece of crap.”

Sure. All right, all right.

I do not have much time left to use the telekinesis.

If I make a mistake, we are going to fall to the ground.

So, let’s get this over with.

My last farewell.

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“Okay, Stardus. Okay! You’ve always been like that. You’ve always seen through my ‘play’ and confronted me. You’ve always tracked me down.”

She looked at me as if she were about to say something. Hey, I am still holding the detonator of this building. Do not come near me, you brat.

“Anyway, I think today will be my last piece. You’re all grown up now. You don’t have to play with me anymore. Maybe I will not pick on you anymore from now on. Take care, Stardus.”


As I spoke out every last word from my heart, I turned the cape forward and teleported quickly.

And the last image of Stardus was reflected in my eyes…

Her eyes were shaking violently.

What the. What’s wrong with her?

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