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As Seras sleeps, I leave our room.

Thereupon, I inquired about Yasu’s condition.

I’ve received no report while I was sleeping but————-

[He’s been sleeping soundly since he was brought in. He must not have been able to sleep properly before.]

That was what the Centaur looking after him reported.

I’ve asked people to conduct shifts, standing guard near Yasu at all times.

I wanted them to immediately report back when he wakes up.

I told them that since he was a Hero from Another World, talking with him has a higher priority over the others.

However, it seems like even after the effect of my <Sleep> wore off, Yasu was still asleep.

[We’ve treated as many of his wounds as we could. But as you know, he also had many wounds that can’t be recovered…… But fortunately, I don’t think those wounds will interfere much with his daily life.]

If he becomes unable to move to some extent, he would completely luggage.

That was what the Sixth were probably thinking.

That’s why, I think he was rather “fortunate”.

The Sixth deliberately kept his injuries to a level that wouldn’t interfere with his daily life.

……Now then, what should I do?

He had already snapped out of <Sleep>.

I could wake him up here and see what happens……

If I’m going to talk to him, I would need to remove the restraints on his mouth.

If I want to make use of Seras’ ability to tell lies, it would be better if he could talk normally.

But having accumulated fatigue from the war, I would like to let Seras sleep a little longer.

With that being the case———– I guess talking to Yasu would have to wait.

He won’t be able to use his skills while wearing those restraints anyway.

He also doesn’t have any weapons.

Even with his status correction, his body is currently quite weak.

Even if he wakes up and starts rampaging, the people guarding him should be able to deal with him.

Most of all……

[Alright. Please keep on looking after him. I think I’ll be in the castle until evening, so when this Hero from Another World wakes up, send me a messenger.]

If it comes down to it, I can use <Paralyze> to restrain him.

With that out of the way———– I had some time before the evening’s negotiations with the Mad Emperor.

Before evening comes……

I finally took a bath and refreshed myself.

I met with Munin and Nyaki.

Discussed with Seras, who had just woken up, about the negotiations this evening.

I also exchanged opinions with the Seven Lights regarding what will happen from now on at dinner.

Anyhow, the time was spent resting and preparing for the evening.

And as evening arrived———-

[It’s about time.]

The time for negotiations was approaching.

Yasu still hasn’t woken up.

Before going out for the negotiations, I casted <Sleep> on him.

The cooldown time has already ended, so it worked fine.

Now, I wouldn’t have to worry about him waking up until the negotiations are over.

Making my preparations, I went out of our room.

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I’m currently riding Slei on her second form.

Meanwhile, Seras will ride a warhorse she got from Alion’s Thirteen Cavalries.

Liese is riding Roa.

We also borrowed a few Centaurs and Harpy soldiers to become our messengers.

We also had a couple of fast giant wolves with us.

Thereupon, after some of the Leopard Light Army and the Dragon Light Army joined our group———– we started marching.

Naturally, everyone came armed.

Liese also didn’t object.

Incidentally, if something happens in this negotiations, the rear force is supposed to move under Qir’s lead.

[You’re going to place ambush troops on standby, right?]

Gio asked me.

[Yeah. Just in case something happens. With the terrain around the meeting place, we can’t have them too close though…… There’s no need to foolishly show off our forces to them. I’m counting on you to handle that, Leopard Light Army.]

[Leave it to us.]

[……? What’s the matter?]

[I was just thinking that the Fly King outfit really suits you better.]

Touching my Fly King mask, I snorted.

[I think so too.]

The existence of the Fly King Squadron in this place.

It seems that this has already been exposed to the Mad Emperor’s side,

It’s better if I just think that some of Mira’s soldiers know about it as well.

I did hear how you can never shut people’s mouths———— but well, I guess that’s right.

Sooner or later, the current situation would probably leak out to the outside world from the Mira soldiers’ mouths.

That the Fly King is on the Faraway Country’s side.

Some of Alion’s cavalry must have escaped through the enclosure net.

Of course, I couldn’t dismiss the possibility that one of them learned about the current situation of the Fly King Squadron just like how Mira learned about our presence here.

“Vysis wants to bring the Fly King Squadron to their side”

The idea was to use this to make contact with Vysis.

……However, this idea will be discarded now.

With that being the case, the risk of the enemy side preparing a trap against us greatly increases.

Knowing that the Fly King Squadron is on the side of the Faraway Country, Vysis might try to set something up against us.

“The Goddess doesn’t know that the Fly King Squadron has joined the Faraway Country’s side.”

As long as we can’t get confirmation that this was the case, it’s too dangerous to pretend to be on their side and contact them.

In that case, the “Fly King Squadron”……

It will be just like always———— A cover for my identity as “Mimori Touka”.


Well, no matter.

“The Fly King has joined the Faraway Country’s side, and by extension, Mira’s side.”

If information about my allegiance to the Faraway Country gets out, it would probably become something like this.

If we can get Mira to cooperate————

I’ll be able to use this to my advantage.

It seems that the name of the Fly King Squadron is now widely known.

Of course, we’re also known by those on the Goddess’ side.


It’s highly likely that no one on the Goddess side thought about Mimori Touka.

No one would care about a man who died immediately after being summoned.

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Just being able to hide Mimori Touka’s existence is already enough.


At least, there’s the good-natured President.

There’s a chance that she might remember the deceased Mimori Touka on rare occasions.

When we met again at the Anti-Demon White Castle, she mentioned my name in our conversation.

At that time, I was honestly a little surprised.

……I mean, when I was about to be discarded……

For her to have actually went against that sh*tty Goddess……

[Seriously, she must be out of her mind.]

Thinking about it again, I clicked my tongue.

[……D*mned softie.]

[Ummm, Milord…… Is something the matter?]

Dressed as the Fly Knight, Seras tilted her head next to me.

“No”, responding to her words, I let out a sigh.

[I was just thinking that if they become our enemy, they might be the most difficult person to deal with.]

[Indeed…… The Mad Emperor may be a troublesome opponent to make enemies with.]

(T/N: Japanese don’t put genders in their sentences.)

It seemed like Seras thought I was talking about the Mad Emperor.

In situations like this, her ability to tell if something is true or not holds no meaning.


[The Mad Emperor huh…… From what I heard, it seemed like he would be someone troublesome.]

The one we are about to meet now is the Mad Emperor, and I don’t think he would be someone we could deal with by ordinary means.

In the meantime———–

[They’re already in sight, Milord.]

We arrived at the designated place for negotiations.

The terrain was rocky, but it had a great view.

The surrounding area wasn’t very uneven.

In other words, it was a place with relatively few places hidden from sight.

It was similar to the terrain where we fought the 6th Cavalry.

This meant that neither side could place ambushers in close proximity to the other.

In case any side would try to fool the other, the only thing that could be counted on would be the strength of those within this area.

The Mad Emperor’s side had set up a simple camp and was waiting for us.

I could see lots of Mira’s soldiers on standby around the camp.

Among the soldiers, I could see a glittering group dressed in rather flashy outfits.

I wonder if those were the rumored Shining Army?

In the center of the camp, a long table was set up.

Preparations were already finished.

We were urged to go into the camp in small groups.

Perhaps because she’s nervous, Liese looked tense.

On the other hand, Mira’s soldiers looked curious.

Incidentally, Seras is currently wearing her mask.

However, from their reactions……

It seems that they know that behind that mask is Seras Ashrain.

Upon our arrival, a tall, beautiful man respectfully bowed to us.

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He bowed like a butler.

He’s a slender man with a gentle, fluffy atmosphere.

His blond hair is as fluffy as the air around him.

Blue eyes.

He had a cordial smile on his lips but……

That isn’t a smile that can be taken as him being favorable towards us.

[So, that’s the rumored———–]

Sitting with his legs crossed to the side, the tall, handsome man sat with an affable posture.

[……Mad Emperor huh.]

The first impression I had of him was that he was a beautiful man.

However———– He isn’t just beautiful.

There are his eyes……

They’re just like unearthly foxes…… Suspicious, unearthly foxes.

They were long and sharp, as cold as a blade of ice.

However, most of all————-


The Mad Emperor elegantly stands up.

[It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Mira’s current Emperor, Falken Dotzine Mira Dias Ordzit…… First of all, I would like to thank you for agreeing to negotiate with us.]


Most of all……

More than anything else……

It was when the Mad Emperor was greeting me.

Heedless it may be, my attention——— was focused on something else.

It was towards a familiar face.

Why is she here?

Why in the world is she here————

Ikusaba Asagi.

And there, standing beside her is Kashima———–


Kashima Kobato.

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[The encounter and confrontation scene with the 2nd and 8th Cavalry Captains in various fronts.]

[Touka, who was served food in Liese’s room, was curious about Liese’s bedroom after his meal.]

[The scene where Seras welcomes Touka back to their room after being served food by Liese, and the scene that follows after that.]

I guess these would be the three main scenes that need special mention.

The first scene depicts “What kind of person was 2nd Cavalry’s Captain, whose name was even mentioned a little bit in the Web Novel alongside the 9th Cavalry? What kind of exchange did he have with Gio who fought him?” and “What kind of person was 8th Cavalry’s Captain, whose group was mentioned as one of the cavalry units that you wouldn’t want to be captured by? What kind of exchange did they have with the Cerberus Roa, who was on the right flank?”.

The second scene is the one where Touka steps into Liese’s bedroom. The magic leather bag, which I don’t think has been used much in the Web Novel lately, seems to have played an active role in many of the additional scenes in the Light Novel. Well, it’s an additional scene that makes you think, “It’s a light novel after all, so shouldn’t there be a scene like this here?”.

The third scene depicts the time Touka spends with Seras after she returns from Liese’s room. For the time being, it seems like Touka isn’t planning to draw out that incident any longer, as he kisses Seras while she sleeps. The additional written content, including those in the previous volumes, is still mainly about Touka and Seras personally, and I think that in the Light Novel, you can feel the distance between them grow even closer.

The cover shows Seras as the sunset shines behind her. I think it’s connected to Volume 8, which is the second part of the story, since Volume 7 was during the day.

The colored illustrations included in the Light Novel are Seras lying on a desk (corresponding to a newly written scene), Takao Hijiri VS Vysis, and Sogou Ayaka using her inherent skill. As everyone knows, this volume has seen a lot of activity outside of Touka’s side, so characters other than Seras have been getting into colored illustrations. KWKM-sama has drawn beautiful and cool illustrations for this volume as well.

And then, there are the other illustrations. This time too, we have vividly cut out and visualized various scenes in the volume. In this volume though, the illustrations seem to be relatively spread out among various characters. If I had to pick a highlight, it would be the visualization of Lieselotte Ornick. She wasn’t visualized in Volume 7, but in the incoming Volume 8, the Chief of the Ornick Tribe is finally unveiled in an illustration. All of the illustrations were wonderful, but I personally liked Liese’s illustration (especially since as a writer, my characters are influenced by visualizations like that).

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