History's Strongest Senior Brother
History's Strongest Senior Brother

History's Strongest Senior Brother

History's Strongest Martial Brother

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History's Strongest Senior Brother novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author August Eagle. 1836 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The first time Yan Zhaoge crossed worlds, he landed in a martial warrior civilization that was at the peak of prosperity. He ended up in the book storage building of the the Divine Palace, which collected and preserved the classics of the entire world from all fields of knowledge. However, a world class calamity struck soon after and even the Divine Palace was destroyed.

Yan Zhaoge’s soul once again crossed over, but this time he arrived in the same world, except countless years have passed.

With his brain full of rare books and classics from the era of peak prosperity, Yan Zhaoge’s second crossing over to the present era was like a gamer who was used to playing hell mode suddenly finding himself playing the game on easy.

That was just way too awesome.

But before that, he needs to fix a certain problem.

“I’m not a main character? In fact, I’m actually the main character’s love rival and the antagonistic Mr. Perfect senior martial brother? This script is wrong!”

PS from author: ‘History’s Number One Founder’ is already complete with 4.6 million characters, I welcome you readers who have favourited and fed my book until it became fat to enjoy this book as well.

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  • lnwUser112880 1

    Similar novel or like novel that the mc is the villain

  • Darkezeo 4

    Oi author. Concerning your information bout the constant suffering of the hero that genre was for a long time the only type of play done in theaters during the early stages especially in rome where going to a amphitheatre and watching a play was considered a huge pastime. But then it slowly shifted to the heros victor where the hero suffers then finally comes out victorious and is overpowered and strong ect. Then it moved to less and less suffering until we reached the point today where suffering is used to flavour what we watch or read. So to return to my point the tragedy of hero which your refering to i believe is not common in todays artistic society as its not well accepted due to society disliking anything that doesn't show the hero being anything but happy in the end. Also damn i like to ramble

  • WanglinLin 1

    Tô com dúvida se eu leio eu vi no wiki que o pai, etc alcançou o mesmo reino no cultivo que o prota eu não gosto disso, isso é verdade?????

  • SonBlack 1

    I hope a good romance

  • Roveluv 3

    Is there any romance here?? Hope it's not

  • 1234562 1

    how is it should i read it or not ? coz its quite long

  • LeonardoMD 1

    It is from the same author of the founder number 1 of the story, novel that catches me a lot so I hope this one is just as good.

    Edited: 1y
    • lnwUser89609 2

      Im leaving this comnent here so when im done with this one ill check that one out

  • himitsu_desu 5

    i already read until ch 800+..... everything is just way too smooth for the mc. and the mc literally uses the 'lucky encounter' excuse for everything... overall it is quite good just that halfway through you will feel like nothing could and would stop the mc at all. no sense of crisis at all.

  • RoyalBlack 1

    this actually is a good novel, the first novel there are other people than mc who are worth something and ACTUALLY improve and not just fade in background after sometime. it actually keeps other people on par and it isn't like mc is always the best and goes 0 to 100 bat sh*t.

  • KhanTheConqueror 3

    This should be called History's strongest senior brother's Father