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It's a good novel to read. Just have some doubts with storySpoiler Alert What happened to the stone flute, he talked like its so important at the beginning but no mention about it at all, what about the old man before the chess board, who's that guy?If we ignore some plot issues, the novel is good. No romance at all(That's a bummer).


I finally finish this novel. It has good outcome but i can't help to notice so many repetition on the situation like how everyone thinks the mc is nothing but then they get destroyed by the mc, and a lot of confusing terms in which i understand because every martial moves has their own name and their own strength its just getting so much repetition near the end that i just skimmed through them. Solid 4 star for the storyline, the world, how the character was brought up, other extra character thankfully didn't get forgotten actually helps the world moves. I would recommend this for those who enjoy the growth of weak mc in martial world.


Amazing novel; in which the author subverts the general 'MC seen as weak, but really strong' commonly found in Xianxia or wuxia novels, and focuses more on the psychology of acting strong and tricking people. I found this read far more entertaining than the majority of currently translated Xianxia and wuxia, which just focus on power and generally have repeating elements. Although this novel also takes some of these elements; it admits it and even adds characters from other novels for added comedy and effect. Overall: Genius. . .


My favourite novel. I come back from time to time just to reread the story. LF shenanigans aside, he's really responsible towards his disciples


The story is good and fun to know how and where Lin Feng's main disciples came based from the other novels. But the thing that makes me disappoint? is why the system justified. . what's the purpose of system. . . where it came from. . . The author left me hanging there. . sad


I really love this story as there is no romance or harem. The MC is a great father figure and has the ability to resolve and issue, making him a great master for his disciples. What I love about this story is that there are no in appropriate and weird relationships between him and his disciples.


one of the novels I read through the end. Even as a parody, it has better story. Also, no harem and romance is just enough to add some flavor.


I have read this novel multiple times, a few in RAW and several more translated. Even now I am still rather confused with what actually happened to Lin Feng. Originally author was writing this somewhat as a parody, thus we have MCs from other popular novels showing up as lead characters along with their main skills and respective villains. But author managed to insert his own story within them, making this no longer a parody but a great novel in its own right.

Spoiler AlertThis is my speculation but maybe someone already figured it out. Early in the story Lin Feng once told his disciples his true identity, which is something he made up to bullshit them and make himself more mysterious. He claims that he is just a clone of himself from a higher realm, and he sent multiple clones across various worlds to establish a sect. The system appears sporadically, and no longer play a part in the latter half of the novel. Near the end of the novel, before the system went away for good, Lin Feng mentioned that everything was all for a game.

Based on this it can be concluded that his fake identity could be true, and he might be a clone, while he also made the system to accompany this clone, along with special items to be retrieved at certain checkpoints in his progress.


The story at the start are good after a while MC getting attack from everywhere then let the enemy go and again and again what’s wrong the writer head this type of crap get boring quick. MC let every enemy go bullshit is that for


For me this novel is one of the best one as parody cause the characters are spin-off from other novels and also as a side novel while waiting my main novels to be updated. The names, titles, and the techniques that were used are mostly confusing, but I'm not really bothered by it cause i just wanna read the story. It's already completed tho, idk why it's still ongoing here