Heroic Wife Reborn
Chapter 161: The Princess said that she will go to the Zhao mansion to expose the deception.

Hello, this is my first translation and English and Chinese are not my strong suit. I really liked this novel and that is why I will do my best to translate it as best I can. I will take my time so that it is the best translation that I can make and has consistency. If you have any complaint, suggestion or correction, please comment it without offense. I will try to follow the translation as long as possible. Enjoy the reading.

Due to the deception, Elder Gu left the imperial palace in a cold sweat. Standing at the gate of the imperial palace, he whispered to Gu Xingnuo: “What happened to the second grandson? Didn’t you send someone to look for him? Why hasn’t he returned yet?”

Gu Xingnuo turned his head and pursed his lips. The Second Brother has been running for days and he hadn’t heard Elder Gu ask where he was. Now that Elder Gu knows, he must hurry, why hasn’t he returned yet?

Elder Gu looked at Gu Xingnuo and did not speak. He was anxious. He raised his hand to stroke his grandson’s head and said anxiously: “Did you send someone to look for him?”

Gu Xingnuo quickly raised his grandfather’s hand and said: “I already sent someone. Maybe Xingyan traveled too carefully this time. The person sent by the grandson didn’t find them. Grandpa, what can I say? Let’s go back and talk about it. Okay? “

Elder Gu looked at these people who were outside the palace gate. Gu Xingnuo is different from Gu Xingyan and Gu Xinglang. This is the person who will be the head of his Gu family of his in the future. He can’t scold this grandson in front of so many people. Elder Gu could only stop and turn towards his horse.

“Master Gu”, just when Gu Xingnuo was about to get on his horse, a eunuch ran out of the palace gate, shouting and running towards Gu Xingnuo.

Gu Xingnuo stopped and waited for the eunuch, suspicious. Did the Emperor sense that something was wrong and sent someone to call him for questioning?

The eunuch ran to Gu Xingnuo, quickly bowed before him and whispered, “Master Gu, the Emperor said …”

As soon as Gu Xingnuo heard Emperor say, he stopped and tried to kneel. No one can stand up and receive a decree from the Emperor.

The eunuch hastily stopped Gu Xingnuo and said, “The Emperor said that Master Gu did not need to kneel.”

Gu Xingnuo asked in confusion: “What’s wrong?”

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The eunuch said, “The Emperor said that Master Gu will speak on his behalf with the Princess. The Emperor is recently in good condition, so the Princess does not need to come. If the Emperor does not announce it, the Princess will not have to come enter the palace “.

Gu Xingnuo tried his best to hold back the laughter, the Emperor had already been tortured by the princess up to this point.

At this moment, Yu Xiaoxiao was sitting in the eating room. Grandfather and older brother Gu went to the palace to say thank you before returning. The group of military brothers who accompanied Gu Xinglang had a drink. Grandma said that she had no appetite today, so she went to sleep. Ms. Sun and Ms. Lin brought their children to dinner in her room, so Yu Xiaoxiao had to bring Wang momo, Xiao Zhuang, and Xiao Wei to dinner.

The pork head meat was sliced into slices by Gu’s kitchen masters, and finally Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Wei was no longer so surprised when they looked at it, but that’s it. This great pork head meat dish is at home. After walking outside, except for a plate left by Gu Xinglang that was never sent.

“Grandma and sisters-in-law don’t even eat pork?” Yu Xiaoxiao asked, she was puzzled. Why wouldn’t someone eat pork?

Wang momo suppressed her strong desire not to talk to her princess and said, “Princess, how can this count as a pig?”

Yu Xiaoxiao was unable to understand this further. Why is the pig’s head not pork? “So what kind of meat is this? Yu Xiaoxiao asked Wang momo,” It can’t be beef, right? “

Wang momo said, “Don’t you know that this kind of meat is not suitable on the table, Princess?”

Yu Xiaoxiao looked at Wang momo for a long time. This is because there are too many delicious things. Humans of this world do not like pork head meat. When big dogs fight in front of the poor, they are usually kings (NT: I guess it’s a proverb I didn’t find the correct way to translate it I did my best u.u). Wang Momo’s face and tone now. To hell with the world, the Princess thought maliciously in her heart, just hope the zombies show up one day, see you again!

Wang momo said: “Princess, starting tomorrow, the slave and the maid will speak to you again about the teachings of the palace” (NT: Here the teachers had a name that I don’t know, so I wrote it according to what would be better).

As Yu Xiaoxiao ate, she immersed herself in the food, Wang momo’s words entering one ear and out the other.

Xiao Zhuang boldly said to Wang momo, “Momo, won’t we go to Yunshan together tomorrow?”

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Wang momo’s gaze resembled a knife, “flash” and pierced through Xiao Zhuang’s body.

Xiao Zhuang bowed his head and did not dare to speak again.

Wang momo didn’t want to wait until tomorrow, so he tried to start teaching his Princess now.

Xiaowei eats very calmly. He is not at all concerned that Wang momo is teaching the Princess to be a virtuous, much less that the Princess is the master and momo a slave. Anyway, Xiaowei thinks that if this is really going to make the Pincess virtuous, Wang momo must be insane.

Yu Xiaoxiao finished the meal, looked at the clean plates on the table, and said: “I’m going to Zhao Estate to investigate tonight, Xiao Zhuang Xiaowei, are you interested in coming with me?”

Wang momo was shocked when he heard Yu Xiaoxiao’s words and was slow to assimilate it.

Xiaowei said: “Princess, why are we going to investigate the Zhao Estate?”

“I saw Zhao Jianxiang’s two daughters today,” Yu Xiaoxiao said.

Wang momo knew that Zhao Qiuming also had twin daughters, so he did not take it too seriously: “They are just the daughters of a concubine. What does the Princess care?”

Xiao Zhuang said, “Princess, were these two young people from Zhao’s family also rude to the Princess?” Thinking of the grudge between Consort Zhao and her Princess, Xiao Zhuang felt that this could be the reason.

Yu Xiaoxiao snorted and said, “They were crushed by a wall. When I saw them, they were passed out.”

“Are you worried about his injuries?” Wang momo knew that her Princess did not have such a good heart, but other than this, Wang momo couldn’t think of other reasons, unless she went to the Zhao Estate to kill and set fire.

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Yu Xiaoxiao replied to Xiao Zhuang and Wang momo, shaking his fingers and whispering: “I can be sure that the girls should not be the daughters of Zhao Qiuming!”

Xiao Zhuang said: “Aren’t they really Zhao Qiuming’s daughters?”

“Humph” Yu Xiaoxiao said: “That is obviously Erqiu, he told my father that it is Zhao Yingqin.”

The three looked at each other. They seemed to have heard a great event. Did Zhao Qiuming trick the Emperor?

“I will expose Erqiu’s true identity”, Yu Xiaoxiao said: “Xiao Zhuang Xiaowei, let’s go.”

Xiao Zhuang is very excited. As one of the people who can kill Zhao Qiuming, Xiao Zhuang is very proud.

Wang momo slapped the table.

“Do you want to come too?” Yu Xiaoxiao asked.

Wang momo said, “You have to speak to the Imperial Husband about this matter.”

Yu Xiaoxiao said, “He is accompanying the guests.”

Wang momo said: “Princess, wait here this servant will bring the Imperial Husband.” After saying this, Wang momo stood up and left.

Yu Xiaoxiao asked Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Wei: “Are we going to wait for momo?”

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Thinking of Wang momo returning and discovering that they were gone, Xiao Zhuang’s heart and liver were trembling and he gave Yu Xiaoxiao a slight nod. Wang momo would be very kind to the Princess, but there was no such word for him and Xiao Wei.

Xiao Wei said, “Princess, who is Erqiu?”

“A beauty”, Yu Xiaoxiao thought of Erqiu who was Wen Fenglin’s true love, and in her heart that she gave to the cruel Empress, but she could not compete with Erqiu, the cruel Empress was very empty.

Heroic Wife Reborn Chapter 161: The Princess said that she will go to the Zhao mansion to expose the deception.
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