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oldfirephase 1
Chapter 247 2 days ago

just cringe. . . there plot hole an plot armor everywhere. going to die? no worries, suddenly got revived, going to die again?? no worries, suddenly summons came out and stronger than the monster and the character's name. oh god, make it more cringe to read, what the hell is loki, zeus, icarus etc. the author make comment about naming wolf as lame as kuro. when you continue to read take look at their name. eww. . just ew. and last the author comment on the novel, like. . . what's your point. just stop. this novel is not worth your time, pick the other novel to read

Naarhosh 4
Chapter 158 2 days ago

Chap 158 review: Not really worth reading. Nothing new/unique, author still learning to write, power scaling is out of the window, plot armor is too infuriating. 2 stars from me.

Aditya11x 1
Chapter 859 5 days ago

Well much better compared to the other novels there's lots of references of other works and sometimes it's cringe but still according to me i would prefer reading the novel again it's quite good

Diaaan06 1
Chapter 1 6 days ago

Don't read this novel. Story keeps getting worse as the story progress. Author getting injured more than DROSE. Alot of stretched out chapters saying such infos are important but will only see them again for like once or max twice. You will feel that as the story progress the author is losing the interest on writing and continuing the story as it feels forced already

Aeger 2
Chapter 694 8 days ago

Hero of Author, a review The novel starts as any other generic Isekai. An insecure boy commits suicide than the god of darkness choses him to be his champion and sends him to a new world with powers. The character of the MC just shifts right after that, he becomes all knowing and strong character who is ok with killing people because they are "bad" though still accepting he is a murderer which is good. But as the story progresses instead of shying away from murder he doubles down on it as if it's ok. This just stops after chapter 400s. He stops killing all together as if he is a messiah. This is just one example of the conflicts happening in this novel. You try to understand the main character but because the author is writing the chapters on the go and changing things after receiving criticism or readers opinions about the book, characters and the world never feels alive like other novels. The problem with this novel is that its so blatantly stealing other novels and mangas and animes characteristics it just becomes a mess after reading for a while. The writer is always there reading with you and he never goes away to let you think for a second. Like that one friend always explaining the movie you are watching and commenting without shutting up for a second. You are never able think for yourself about the world and the characters. Now about the info dumps. Oh boy there is a lot of info dumps, in this novel and it never ends. Most of the chapters are information about the skills and items and the world and factions and characters mind sets etc. And in between there are one liners copied from other franchises to be "cool". After a while author starts to complain about the readers. How they don't understand the Mc's brilliance and the perfect writing style of his. How all makes sense if they read the info dumps and they are simps if they think like the author do. (author literally calls people simps and idiots after some soul damage a character recurves and how mc handles the situation) Now on the main topic, I understand that he inspired from others works and wanted to change them to write the best story ever. But there is a clear line between inspiring and stealing. Story becomes an amalgamation of many different works and loses his own small bit of soul. * Even the classic chinese cultivation novels, the author despises, do better work than the author and the mc on things like power and political ongoings around the region. To sum up, this is a good project gone wrong like many other novels. The story is just meh, and characters are just there doing things while author is pulling the strings from above. In my humble opinion it doesn't deserve the place it is holding in this website. TL:DR Author is reading with you and whines and curses you if you dare think different than him. MC is his puppet and has no free will. There are too many info dumps and they never stop coming and the story becomes way to predictable after some time.

  • DevilsFate 2

    Same here buddy i started to read it when it only had 200+ chapters and stopped reading it since lot of names bring me the face of other characters not the author intorducing. Recently i seen it at top 10 and decided to read hoping the author changed the way but it got worse. Most of the names, abilities..etc were stolen and modified. Using the names is one thing but setting them in the way they can be traced back to other novel characters( for example name Elijah and niklaus, no one object form using the name for random characters but making them brothers implying the characters of TVD or orginals)

PartTimePoisonTester 2
Chapter 211 9 days ago

MC is a cringy edgelord, with an OP system and plot armor. It's only fun because it's cliché. Writing is poor. Narration is all over the place. Storyline is cliché.

Chapter 506 15 days ago

Well, the author really surprised me. I have to admit, the beginning feel clinch, but as you progress it get better. I will just say well done and keep it up. But I hope the story is not drop cause it been a long time since there we had an update 😕😕

SlowLife 1
Chapter 705 16 days ago

The overall setting of the novel is good. The Mc is not completely evil but ruthless when time calls for it. He isn't braindead and accomplish tasks within his limits. The character development is unique. Overall, the character of Mc is nice, but what impressed me more is the world setting which you don't find in many novels. The sole reason I gave it a 4 star is that some unimportant arcs are uselessly long. All in all, I can't wait for the next chapter. Well, the author is a bold one.

MFBDestrof 2
Chapter 860 16 days ago

As the book starts off its not the best novel but the farther you go the better and more well written it gets which makes you feel as if you can see the author growing as you read.

stefans 2
Chapter 860 18 days ago

Read all the available chapters as of march 4th ‘23. i have to say, it was not bad. In the beginning chapters, you get the feeling that MC is too OP, inconsistent with his emotions and too fast paced. Later on, you realize that, although he‘s strong compared to normal people, he‘s actually weak compared to the strong, if you get what i mean. So if you‘re frustrated with his fast increase in powers, know that there‘s a lot of room to grow. As for irrational emotions, there are some, where you think that‘s not in sync with his character. And some are acceptable with the authors explanation while others, not so much. Know this, this Novel has a lot of references to memes, other superheroes or just general mythical deities. They cool down in the latter part. As for the last part, Author is quite thin skinned and even insults the readers through remarks, comparisons or just directly and it‘s quite obvious that he‘s venting his anger and frustrations through this. There are arcs with action, world building, slice of life, a smidge of romance (like 5 ch. ) and a new empire / setting with every volume. TL;DR It‘s fast paced, a whole lot of references in the first 400 ch, and decent storyline. I give it a solid 3. 7 as of ch. 860, whereas the first half would get a lower rating compared to the second.