God of Fishing
Chapter 1367: The Big Brother, Nine Tails

The appearance of the Golden Crow only made Han Fei feel the mystery of this world.

Perhaps there were still many things he didn't know. Perhaps his knowledge was as shallow as the old turtle said. Or maybe, even he didn't know if the Golden Crow had three feet…

Unexpectedly, the Golden Crow came out in the form of a seed. It bloomed from the tree and grew out? This method of birth was simply unheard of!

The Water Immortal also became a seed. Why did all these creatures become seeds in the end?

Han Fei didn't know much about it. He asked the old turtle, who said that he had never been in contact with a creature like the Golden Crow. Although an emperor knew a lot of things, there were limits.

Han Fei felt that the old turtle must have tricked him in some way. For example, the old turtle's strength was actually not at the level of an emperor at all, but he just kept bragging in front of him.

On the Cave Sea.

Ning Jing claimed that Little Gold and Nine Tails were both here.

Han Fei thought to himself, Why did Little Gold hang out with bugs?

When he reached the Cave Sea, Han Fei realized that it was a pity that he didn't explore it.

In this area, on the south side of the Cloud Sea Divine Tree, three thousand kilometers above the water, all the way to the bottom of the water, and another thirty thousand kilometers outside, were all areas where insects lived.

In this 30,000 kilometer area, there were dozens of earth mounds and caves.

Going deeper into the cave, he didn't know how many twists and turns he had gone through. Along the way, there were all kinds of pupas. When Han Fei first came here, he perceived thousands of insects crawling out of the eggs.

These insects that were more than half a meter long, after they broke out of their eggs, would quickly swim to the larger area beyond the thirty thousand kilometer area. They were newborns with different strengths. From the newly awakened to Sea Spirits, their levels were different.

In order to facilitate control, the insects were usually classified by type and realm.

In every species, high-level bugs as commanders would organize newborn bugs.

These insects might be stupid, including Heavenly Talents like Chong Liuliu, but as far as he knew, they had very good discipline and clear targets. They knew what they wanted and what life and death were…

Seeing that Han Fei was shocked, Ning Jing couldn't help but say, "The insect race is a very strong race. Without the insect race guarding it, Water-Wood World wouldn't have been able to hold on long ago."

Han Fei nodded in a daze. "I can see it. They are too fertile, even more fertile than sea demons. If it weren't for the fact that the area where the Insect Clan lives is relatively narrow, I'm afraid even the Sea Clan wouldn't be a match for them."

Ning Jing said noncommittally, "It's precisely because the insect race's reproduction ability is too strong that it's very difficult for the insect queens to become kings. Therefore, the Insect King was born and is regarded by the entire insect race as the most likely to become a king. But up to now, the Insect King is still stuck at the level of the Half-King, unable to comprehend the final Dao and become a king."

Han Fei couldn't help but ask, "Is the last step to becoming a king something to comprehend?"

Ning Jing said, "Do you think it's so simple to become a king? Every race and every king is the role model of a race, bearing the prosperity and decline of a race and obtaining the faith of the people of their respective race. No one can become a king easily! Be it good or bad, becoming a king is always special."

Han Fei was suspicious. "Didn't you just say that every king is the role model of a race… If a king is bad, is his entire race bad?"

Ning Jing rolled her eyes at Han Fei. "There might be an evil king, who can become a king by sacrificing the lives of his people. I saw this on an ancient site… Ah! Anyway, it's very difficult… To become a king, you'll have to make a big noise."

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Han Fei thought to himself, I knew I had to make a big noise! Just transcending the tribulation has already made such a big noise. How can I not possibly make a big noise if I want to become a king?

On the edge of the Cloud Sea Divine Tree, more than 10,000 kilometers away, Han Fei was the first to feel Little Gold's breath.

Little Gold was moving towards him at a great speed, so fast that Han Fei exclaimed: this guy should have grown a lot.

Han Fei thought to himself, Little Fatty is not weak. Under my supervision, it had reached level 55 since the battle on that island.

Although he died once after the battle on the island, he should have absorbed some dragon essence power after his resurrection. So he leveled up by three levels in a row, and even the color of his skin became redder. After nearly two years of tempering, his strength was stabilized at level 58. Although he hadn't become a law enforcer yet, this growth speed was already very fast.

After all, the more potential he had, the harder it would be for him to grow.

Han Fei's rapid growth was based on the fact that he had risked his life countless times to gain experiences and opportunities.

Little Fatty had been taken by Han Fei all the time. It was a small chance, but it was also very dangerous.

In the Sea Demon Realm, it was easy for one to quickly grow by seven or eight levels. However, the higher one went, the more difficult he went further, and it had only been three years now!

Han Fei murmured, "I should thank God if Little Gold and the others can grow by five levels on average."

After all, not only did he leave them millions of catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid, but they also had a lot of reserve themselves. If they didn't even reach level 55… Heh, he would definitely beat them one by one.

Swish! Swish! Swish…

A golden-red light streaked across the sky, leaving a long white mark.


Little Gold shouted from afar.

When he came close, Han Fei looked at this guy. Wow, he had become so big. His wingspan could reach 30 meters. And he must have shrunk his body. Otherwise, he should have been bigger!

However, when he landed, Little Gold's body shrank quickly. In the end, it became only three meters long and rubbed against him.

Han Fei glanced at him, and information appeared in his eyes.

< Name > Feather God Ray

< Introduction > Ancient exotic species, a flying fish, with two wings and two feet. Its wings are as sharp as blades and can break gold and crack stones. Feather God Ray can fly into the sky or dive into the sea. Its speed is extremely fast. Its head is as firm as a mountain, and it is good at hitting things with its head. When it has fully grown up, it can gather the power of heavenly thunder.

< Level > 57

< Quality > Legend

< Contained Spiritual Energy > 27,540

< Food > Carnivorous, prefers large fish

< Battle Technique > Lightning Blade, Thunder Domain

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< Remarks > Current status: growth period

Good lord, he had reached level-57 and had one more combat skill, Thunder Domain. It must be a thunder technique.

Han Fei couldn't help but look at Ning Jing in surprise. "He has grown so fast?"

Ning Jing said, "Your contractual spiritual beasts accumulated enough in the early stages. Because they accumulated for a long time in the early stages, which suppressed their growth, after they were completely free, their growth rate was extremely fast. In addition, you left a large amount of Spirit Awakening Fluid, so it's normal for them to break through two small realms. It's not fast."

Han Fei thought to himself, Not fast? I've been with them for so long, but I haven't seen them grow so fast.

Han Fei couldn't help patting Little Gold's head. "Not bad, not bad. Let's go home."

Recalling Little Gold, Han Fei couldn't help but ask, "Where is Nine Tails? Where is he?"

Ning Jing asked, "Can't you perceive him?"

Han Fei said, "I'm trying to perceive him, but he is not not moving at all."

Han Fei thought to himself, Nine Tails is not quite reliable. I should check it out.

The Cave Sea Area was called the "Cave Sea" because there were caves everywhere. It was the best place for the insects to inhabit.

Although the White Shell Royal City troops had retreated, the daily battles on the front line battlefield would not stop, especially in the Cave Sea area. If the battles stopped here, God knew how many new insect soldiers would pop up.

Nine Tails, a Mantis Shrimp, had been regarded as an anomaly since he blended into the army of the insect race.

Although Nine Tails was still not quite capable of speech, its intelligence was high, much higher than ordinary insects. At this moment, Nine Tails led 3,000 insect soldiers to fight on a battlefield.

On the battlefield, some Sea Clan residents, Sickle Hermit Crabs, were charging. As their name suggested, Sickle Crabs were hermit crabs with shells, which were good at group battles with the sickles sticking out of their shells as their means of attack. They could even form sickle tornadoes that could easily kill ordinary sea demons.

Under normal circumstances, the insects on the battlefield would either charge or hide in the caves to ambush them. But when Nine Tails came, the situation changed.

Swish! Swish! Swish…

Nine Tails emerged from an insect cave, its nine tails rising to the sky like a spiral, extending out of the void, destroying the enemy's camp from inside, and even drilled a big hole in the ground.

Nine Tails shouted, "Kill!"

Countless geysers gushed out, and the 3,000 insect army charged out of the mud with their sting-like horns.

Puff, puff, puff!

Ka ka ka!

Shattered shells littered the ground. Nine Tails won the first battle and its nine tails danced wildly. He commanded, "Spiral Spiked Armor Array, activate."

Three thousand insect soldiers floated in the water, forming a large arc shield, and aimed their horns at the enemy's camp.

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Swish! Swish! Swish!

All the insects began to revolve. Han Fei suddenly thought of a word: Three Thousand Lightning Poisonous Dragon Drill.

Nine Tails was quite talented in commanding!

They easily won this battle, and only less than one-tenth of the insect army died.

A bug respectfully said to Nine Tails, "Big Brother, are we going to the battlefield over there?"

A bug buzzed, "Big Brother, the big fat dragons are here again."

Nine Tails ordered, "It's just big fat dragons. Let's go, brothers. Take them down…"

The corner of Han Fei's mouth twitched. What the hell is this?

Han Fei couldn't help asking, "Who is the big fat dragon?"

Ning Jing said, "Oh! A soft worm called the Rolling Sting Meat Dragon. It's hard to beat because its body is full of stings. The insect race likes to call it the Big Fat Dragon."

Han Fei was not going to watch the show. He coughed and released his breath.

Nine Tails was charging at the forefront with the three-thousand army, when he suddenly froze.

As soon as Nine Tails stopped, all the insects behind him stopped.

A bug asked, "Big Brother, what's wrong?"

"Big Brother, do you feel something is wrong?"

"Big Brother, are you hungry?"

But Nine Tails shook them aside with his butt. "Brothers, I'm leaving. My master is here… Master, I miss you so much!"

Nine Tails swooshed out of the water, and the army of insects followed him.

"Big Brother, don't go!"

"Big Brother, your master is my master. We're on the same side."


Nine Tails whipped the insect away with his chain. "Are you qualified? Get off…"

Nine Tails rushed to Han Fei's feet and rubbed his shiny armor against Han Fei's leg. "Master, you're finally back."

At this moment, Nine Tails didn't look like a big brother at all and looked very obsequious.

Han Fei clicked his tongue. "That's a good title! You're already a big brother?"

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God of Fishing Chapter 1367: The Big Brother, Nine Tails
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