Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World
Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World

Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World

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Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Comedy, and Action genres. Written by the Author DamnPlotArmor. 156 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


In a world where martial artists reign supreme, strength is everything. Unfortunately, that logic doesn't apply to a certain Florida Man.

Refined in the nuclear fallout wasteland, Leo was the strongest mutant alive. He carried an alien artifact, allowing him to exchange his lifespan for modern items. After 50,000 years of solitary life in a humanless world, he collected enough lifespan to transmigrate to another habitable world.

Leo was later thrown into a mysterious planet. He soon discovered that his body produced radiation, and it mutated the surrounding plants and grasses. Worrying that he might ruin the beautiful planet, he chose to live in seclusion.

Unfortunately, the local population soon discovered his existence, and a misunderstanding ensued.

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  • lnwUser98768 2

    So bro can't even have a girl for himself... sadd

  • diogenes 6

    we making out to the florida with this one 🗣️🗣️

  • Dulfador 7

    We made it boys the peak of novels...

  • PrimordialHalo 1

    No harem just made this more epic. No harem all the way boys.

  • GabbyAlgaliarept 10

    Definition of the Florida man stereotype: "people performing irrational, maniacal, illogical, delusional, insane, and absurd actions in the U.S. state of Florida." And then we got the chapter titles... "Florida Man Experiments with Steak, Attracts Vegan Neighbors" "Florida Man Angers Vegan Neighbor by Growing Plant" "Florida Man Addicted to Nutting in Forest" "Florida Man Hijacked Plane to Sell His Homemade Meds" "Florida Man Discovers New Shrooms Species in His Pocket" "Florida Man Travels Abroad for a Month and Leaves His Infant Daughter Home" "Florida Man Travels Abroad for a Month and Leaves His Infant Daughter Home" Seems about right.

  • Gamer 3

    I'd say it was good, except for the weird obsession with children and the repeated use of the word loli, just grossed me out with that

    • BundaCherisher 6

      Where is that am on ch 76 and haven't seen what u talkin abt

  • The_broke_ones 4

    Breaking news Florida man finger his loli girlfriend😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Unknown_LibrariaN 2

    Dear readers how's it in the story?? Can someone tell me the plot without any spoilers??

    • Therisis_GraveReader 10

      Reaper is somewhat right, tho it isn't just a gag novel, it actually has some plot, it's about a Floridian man that lived on apocalyptic earth for 50,000 years , got strong enough to oneshot Godzilla then transported to cultivation world, his Radiation is Essence for cultivators, he unlocks a shop system where he sells things in exchange for lifespan, sh*ts good 👍 you'll figure out later, Remember, it's not a gag but an actual story, like Japanese, Koreans and Chinese people transmigrated, he too is a transmigrator but he lived in 'murica, specifically florida

    • 04reaper 2

      Def a fun read, coming from a guy who hates cultivation novels.Plot is simple, basically mc gets really powerfull from radiation so much that his sh*t will blow up mountains and he goes to the cultivation world .For now its more of a gag novel.

      Edited: 20h
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  • Badger 3

    Passing through the main page and saw this, had to stop and immediately add it into my library, omfg what a title!

    • SaulGoodman 2

      Its actually gas please read😭

  • demonlord0 6

    Florida man??? Sign me up