Everyone Else is a Returnee
Everyone Else is a Returnee

Everyone Else is a Returnee

358 Chapters 6.41M Views 10.4K Bookmarked Completed Status

Everyone Else is a Returnee novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Mystery, and Action genres. Written by the Author Toika. 358 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Left out during elementary school picnic.

Left out during middle school camp.

Left out during high school trip.

I finally became a college student and what? I’m left out from the entire humanity?

Yu IlHan who protects the earth alone while everybody’s away in other worlds.
His legend starts after humanity comes back and meets the Great Cataclysm!

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  • Nexoo
    Reader KP:2

    when does he become not dense

    13 hours ago Reply
  • Armin
    Reader KP:259

    Does it have a good romance?

    13 days ago Reply
  • RTOmega
    Reader KP:1

    Im at cp 37. For now, its nice. Will see.

    20 days ago Reply
  • unknownusername
    Reader KP:127

    Does Yu Ilhan have an experience de-buff liken needing 10x more eperience than everyone else? If i remember correctly he had to kill tens of thousands of 4th classes when he was 3rd class to reach 4th class. im pretty sure he even killed a couple 5th class as 3rd class? anyways its hard to believe that all the 4th classes he killed also killed tens of thousands of 4th classes to get to where they are or millions of 3rd classes. this gets even worse when you think about 5th class+ and how many beings they would have to kill. Based on Yu Ilhan level up rate it seems someone would need to kill a million 4th classes to reach 5th class... im just wondering where all these 4th class beings are. perhaps im not aware of the magnitude of the novels-world, are there a bunch of planets with many 4th classes on them? Its also very possible i am just dumb and there is an easy explanation for this i missed.

    25 days ago Reply
  • Nycterelis
    Reader KP:17

    Fun read. The referral of the isekai concept (everyone is sent to a different world instead of our MC) is neat. There's a lot of contrivance and forced plot in places, but the tone the author uses with MC and crew smoothes a lot of that over. True to the content here, there's a lot of loose ends and dangling characters. The plot holes that do exist are easy to pass over because it's pretty adrenaline filled ride. Our boy is a workaholic after all. Craftaholic. Levelingaholic. Cookingaholic.

    1 months ago Reply
  • Reze_786
    Reader KP:31

    So quick question before I read I want to know when all of humanity returns do they all have powers?

    1 months ago Reply
    • Nycterelis
      Reader KP:17

      Kind of. They ask get 10 years of training, then when they return they're reset to level 1, but they have the memories of everything they did and how to get the power back. It doesn't say they start with skills or not, but it's implied that they at least follow the same path they took in those 10 years

      1 months ago Reply
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  • FatherBisquik
    Reader KP:0

    Definitely recommend for someone who enjoys a journey to transcendence of a loner

    1 months ago Reply
  • _ALPHA_
    Reader KP:1

    It's good really good . . . just why why why he had to make it harem . I dropped it in middle without any choice cause it was kinda getting on my nerves. Why did u do that author. Well ignore above lines if you don't mind harem. I was just fed up of it and thought here I would get to read something deep and free of it. . . but the author just had to spoil my fun . . . But it's good . . . so go for it.

    Edited: 02 Aug, 08:44
    1 months ago Reply
    • Emeez
      Reader KP:12

      It's good the harem is only shown at the end,where the wedding officiator opened up bets.The side story's made my day

      1 months ago Reply
      Reader KP:46

      I don’t mind herem as long as the mc knows to give up on them if his life is on the line Well is the mc the kind of guy to not give up on them if it means his life If u know please let me know

      1 months ago Reply
    • Nycterelis
      Reader KP:17

      The MC is OP both in strength and planning. His life is "on the line" twice, and it's never about a girl.

      1 months ago Reply
    • WandererDaoist
      Reader KP:358

      maybe coz the people wanted it to be a harem. If they are paying for it, why not? Plus all his novels are true harem

      1 months ago Reply
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  • achretese
    Reader KP:14

    Chapter 3. C o m m a s. ,

    Edited: 29 Jul, 03:15
    1 months ago Reply
  • Emperor_Heartless_
    Reader KP:94

    Bruh 😂 the author is really evil he even stopped the mc from graduating from virginity by returning humanity But I approve

    Edited: 28 Jul, 03:36
    1 months ago Reply