Eternal Thief
Chapter 633: Rewards or Trap? (1)

Ace didn't let his emotions waver to ruin his act and replied respectfully, "I'm listening, Senior Holy Lord!"

While the elven woman also regained her sense as her expression turned hideous, and her hatred for Ace had reached a new peak. But she didn't interfere since she knew it was inevitable to avoid this.

The elves had no control over the 'Holy Tower,' and that's why they hide its existence from the world in the first place.

They were afraid of exactly the same thing which is happening right before her eyes. Someone from another race calming the Holy Tower!

The elderly voice solemnly spoke, "You are already at the sixth-floor entrance test, and I know you can easily complete this floor's test, and even the eighth or ninth-floor entrance test might not be able to stop you.

"But the tenth floor is not something you can handle right now. So, I'm giving you a chance to avoid other floors' tests and become the inheritor!"

"This?" Ace looked excited and quickly asked, "What do I have to do?"

"Simple, you just have to fight with the three inner contenders of the seventh floor one at a time in three different death matches, and as long as you win, you'll be the true inheritor of my legacy and the holy tower!" The elderly voice announced.

"Hmph, accept it if you dare!" The elven woman snorted with contempt.

She was worried about a moment there, but now that she heard the conditions, she knew this human would certainly die if she became greedy and fought with the three most powerful elves of the Wise Elf Race.

Especially the Elven Queen!

Even Ace was speechless as he wasn't crazy enough to pit against a law-awareness realm expert. He wasn't even a match for a late-stage soul manifestation realm expert. Even if he uses everything at his disposal, he just might be able to escape.

But before he rejected the voice revealed an astonishing fact, "Don't worry, the inner contenders' cultivations will be suppressed at the peak of Platinum Soul Realm!"

Ace felt he heard something wrong as he asked, "Platinum Soul Realm?"

"Yes. Now chose!" The elderly voice coolly stated.

"No, this is not fair!" The elven woman couldn't stand idle as she instantly blurted with an ashen expression.

She knew just how freakish this guy was despite having the cultivation of the golden soul river core realm. He can even escape someone like her killed the veiled elf. Much less someone with a soul realm cultivation, he would absolutely slaughter them as he did on the fifth floor!

However, no one seemed to hear her plight.

Ace also didn't let this chance go by, and with cold eyes, as he instantly said, "I agree!"

Ace's answer didn't come as a surprise to the elven woman since she was expecting him to accept the offer because it held a tremendous advantage for him!

The elderly voice remained silent for a little while before it rang again with a tingle of ecstasy, "Are you sure?"

Ace bowed and respectfully replied, "Yes, Holy Lord, how could I reject your kindness?"

Ace wasn't too much worried about this gambit. Although the Law Awareness Realm cultivators will be suppressed to the soul realm, their law comprehension will remain the same.

At that time, like Ace, they would also have a complete and most likely more profound law intent.

If it was any different time, he will have refused outright because he wasn't foolish enough to try to fight with such an opponent while under someone's constant watch, especially if that person could easily harm him.

But in this case, the chances of the mysterious person harming him were close to null because of the soul segment in place.

With his performance on the fifth and sixth floors in particular, he was already strange enough to have such prowess to fight against soul manifestation realm experts and even win against them.

Even a fool would be able to tell that he was hiding a terrifying secret.

Ace won't be surprised if the mysterious person had already guessed that he was somehow hiding his cultivation realm and now wanted to just test his suspicion by him having to fight with those law awareness realm experts.

Lastly, he wanted Ace to absorb their soul vitality with the cultivated soul segments to make him the perfect vessel.

It was the only possibility since their soul vitality and soul segments will be far more potent than everyone in the sixth stage combined.

Ace was foolish enough to play tricks with this person. He was pretty sure this old fossil was not from the first heaven, and going against him would only put him at a disadvantage.

All Ace wanted to do now was to earn this old wily fellow's full trust and strike when the other party had least expected it.

The first step was naturally to become a complete vessel, at least in the other party's eyes, and this was the perfect chance to become one.

Ace was determined to leave this tower as soon as possible, even if it meant crippling the Wise Elf Race by killing their rulers.

Although there was another way which was to try playing hard to get by refusing the offer, this path lead to many uncertainties, especially if the mysterious person ordered those law awareness realm experts to hunt him down or use some unknown technique that the System couldn't save him against.

As a Thief, he had learned to mold himself according to the situation even if it goes against his conscious, at least if there's no other way or that way leads to his demise!

The elderly voice rang again in extreme delight, "Good, very good. You are indeed a human worthy of this old man's inheritance!

"Little Elf Child, I want you to summon the third inner contender post hastily under my strict order. Tell him if he didn't appear within a week, I will revoke his qualification as well as the elven race will be banished from entering the Holy Tower in the future!"

The elven woman's face turned deadly pale when she heard this as she looked at the human hidden behind that long hood. She was now extremely worried about the future of their elven race.

Because if he killed even one of the three seventh-floor elves, it would be a huge blow to their race's entire power quo, and if he managed to win… she didn't dare to imagine!

Chapter 633: Rewards or Trap? (1)
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