Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System
Chapter 1: Reborn... as an Ice Dragon?!

It's so cold.

The freezing sensations quickly take over my body, as I feel my senses become numb…

I should not have come skiing today…

But I could not disappoint my sister who was so eager.

I mean, it was her birthday and all.

So cold…

The coldness encompasses my entire body, my breath becomes lesser, there is no area for me to breathe, to begin with, my mouth is filled with snow too.

I had already gone past the asphyxiation pace and I think my body was also crushed by the weight of the avalanche that hit me directly.

It was painful for a few seconds before all the pain became numb…

But this coldness… this freezing coldness never disappears…

If I am… going to die… let me die without feeling this horrible coldness…

<Request confirmed. Acquiring [Cold Resistance]… Success>


I heard a faint voice say something into my ear.

I do not know what it meant… but this cold, it somehow went away?

No… not enough…

I am dying… so cold…

<Request confirmed. [Cold Resistance] has evolved into [Cold Immunity]>


Suddenly… I do not feel cold anymore.

However, that also negates the numbness of my body… and the pain takes my mind completely.


I wish I could have been tougher.

I wish I could have been able to stronger… to resist this…

My body was so weak… I should have worked out when my brother asked me to…


<Request confirmed. Acquiring [Immortal Body]… Success>

I feel… somewhat strange…

This voice… am I hallucinating?

Will I die?

No one is coming to help me…

I am dying…

A Human body is so terribly resistant to cold… and avalanches.

Why am I so unlucky…

My whole life I have always tried to do things right but… nothing never works.

I guess this is… it…

<Request confirmed. Designing a body that does not possess human weaknesses. Success.>

<Request confirmed. Designing a body that is not affected by avalanches… Success>

<Request confirmed. Acquiring [Ice Absorption]. Success>

What is even going on anymore?


Alright then, give me some magic then! Screw this weird hallucination…

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<Continuing… Acquiring [Ice Magic]. Success>

Only Ice Magic?

<Continuing… [Ice Magic] has become [Freeze Magic]>


<[Freeze Magic] has become [Glacial Magic]>

That's it?

<[Glacial Magic] has become [Tundra Magic]>

Oh… Come on.

<[Glacial Magic] has become the Unique Skill [Winter Magic]>



I am really going insane…

These must be the last moments of my life…

The very… few seconds left.

Screw it… make me a God and also a System too… or something… I do not care anymore...

<Request confirmed. Acquiring [God]… Failure>

<The [God] Skill has been sealed>

<Request confirmed. Acquiring [System]… Success>

My mind feels numb once more.

I think… this is it…


I hope… if there is a second life waiting for me… that I can find a girl one day…

Am I dreaming too… much?

<Request confirmed. A scenario where you can acquire a [Girl] has been set in motion>

<Wish Limit Reached>

And with that little last hallucination… my mind blacked out.

[Day 1]


Where am I?

Didn't I die?

I cannot open my eyes.

But I really do feel like I have a body!

Hey, what is going on right now?

I try to force my way through, but it feels as if I am submerged in some kind of liquid, and my entire body is enclosed in an incredibly hard and heavy object.

This is… quite something.

But I do not know where the heck I am!

Eh? I even feel more revitalized…

What is this?

Try to push through harder than before.

Come on…

I suddenly feel some small limb within my body move… this is odd.

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Crack, crack…

Suddenly, I hear cracking noises.

Push through with all my might, something is cracking.

Am I inside an egg?

This is getting weirder and weirder.

Crack, crack!

I once more manage to crack my "eggshell"…

Do not tell me…

I am quick to catch up to things, but I wish I were not now…

I am really inside an egg.

Am I a chicken?

Did I died and reincarnated as a bird of sorts?

No, no, no… I do not like this, I hate this.

But there is no other way around.

I am also quite adaptable, I suppose.

So I keep pushing.

Whenever I break through this I will be able to finally know where the heck I am.


Suddenly, my eggshell bursts.

My entire body is sent flying out of it, and I fall over the hard and rocky floor, covered in a slimy substance.

I was really a bird…


No, wait…

What is this?

I glance at my entire body, and the first thing I see is… scales.

Yes, you heard me right, my entire body is covered in hundreds of tiny, crystalline scales, all of them are azure, and shine as if they were crystals themselves.

I have… four limbs.

I have a small paw with crystal-like claws as well.

Am I some kind of lizard?

I finally glance at my surroundings, as I am greeted with a cave.

A dark cave, made of rock, blue crystals are shining brightly atop the ceiling, faintly illuminating my "home".

It is a fairly small cave, and it does not go anywhere…

I walk barely, trying to get used to my body… ugh… is this real life?

It must be, I really feel it.

I am some kind of azure-scaled lizard now, I guess.

I walk around, reaching the entrance of the cave, as a world of snow and coldness greets me.

Well, not exactly.

I do not feel any "cold", or more like I feel… comfortable with it?

Is it weird?

I do not know…

I do remember that I hear a message about getting Cold Immunity and Ice Absorption.

But there is no way that such game-like elements could exist.

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It was probably… no…


I mean, I do not lose anything trying…

Is there some status?

And as if a divine voice obeys my words, a "status" appears.



Race: Ice Dragon Hatchling.

Title: None.

Status: Recently Born, Hungry.

Vitality: 100/100

Mana: 120/120

Strength: 30

Dexterity: 20

Magic: 30


Unique Skill: [Immortal Body]

Unique Skill: [Winter Magic]

Unique Skill: [System]

Unique Skill: [Ice Absorption]

Unique Skill: [God] (Sealed)

Ice Dragon Natural Skills:

[Ice Dragon Bloodline]

[Ice Dragon Breath: Level 1]

[Ice Dragon Scales: Level 1]

[Lesser Self-Regeneration: Level 1]


[Cold Immunity]

Ice Dragon Natural Resistances:

[Physical Attack Damage Resistance: Level 1]

[Fire Resistance: Level 1]

[Wind Resistance: Level 1]

[Thunder Resistance: Level 1]

I see…

This is… really like a game, huh?

Oh, man.

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Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System Chapter 1: Reborn... as an Ice Dragon?!
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