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15 users have written reviews for the Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System novel and rated it with an average score of 3,0 out of 5. Our novel is ranked 175th among all the novels in the Novel Pub platform.

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Plot is good, not to much useless side storys. Fighting soul fragment of a evil venarebal and ygdrosil's will at the same time then successfully killing a one fragment and eating it's soul


It is pretty good tbh, just that the release of chapters is a tad bit annoying but its okay since i can read a different novel while waiting for the release. Spoiler Alert The romance is pretty much to my liking. However, if something happens to their child I'd refrain reading this, because i cant handle pain that much. The time set here is better than i imagined by the following chapters when i read this, including surprises that is pretty darn good. Keep up the goodwork


This story is basically an explanation of how good stories require talent. I mean the vocabulary is pretty good, and I guess the story is not bad but it's just really boring and out of place. The interaction of characters seem extremely forced and just uncanny, especially the relationships.


its a good story, I like the MC and the development of the story is ok thus far. its better than some of the trash novels that are taking up the top 50 spots


honestly is was good at the start but when it kept going it started to be boring and they story just went down hill I like all the other book that the others wrote but not this one


I actually quite like this story. Yes it is has things that are copied from other novels. But I don't see the issue in it, if it is fun I don't care from where the story is. The MC is funny and serious, he has some good character development (especially considering his past, of which we only find out about around Ch. 300 I think. Furthermore the romance is good enough for me and for now there is no harem.
So in general I think it is worth a read, especially if you likw it when the MC is a Dragon.


It does use a lot of references from the Slime reincarnation and many other isekai cliche. I see many people complaining about this novel and at first i thought it was going to be bad, but after reading it for a bit I think this is a pretty good read.


This is the first time I have wrote a review for a novel on this site. I have not had a novel that has made me this annoyed to read in a long time. Just kinda awful, the internal dialog is complete crap 10 chapters could be shortened to 1, Also the romance which makes little to no sense what so ever feels so forced. Overall this novel just isn't worth anyone's time.

unless your a masochist and like this stuff.


The author himself complains about the exact things he hates in stories before going ahead and doing them himself such as how he think it's boring when an mc gets too strong too fast, such as him growing into adult dragon so quick. (I would have preferred him to stay as a young dragon for a while) and his conversation with another human is so weird despite dying not but a month ago. I feel like he was making no progress in the story up until then besides being pummeled death despite being a dragon.


Very nice novel, i see many bad review, but I think this novel need a better note. Thus, this is a good novel.