Divinity: Against the Godly System
Chapter 0: Plot Info (MUST READ)

1) The story is a mix of VRMMO and Urban(MODERN WORLD) fantasy, so it will be distributed between the real world and the game.

2) The MC travelled back to the past and the future knowledge will play an important role, but it won't be the driving force of the story that makes him stronger. It would contribute to the later part of the stories.

3) The MC will be OP but he would face troubles that might make his journey difficult on occasions.

4) The system is complex and it might give various strange and dangerous missions (Sometimes nonsense) to the MC and won't always seem helpful. On occasions, it might even look like they are just to trouble the MC,but there is a reason behind all the missions that's related to its origin and his link with the MC. The MC it's not a person that was randomly chosen by the system.

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5)I Repeat: All the missions have a reason behind them. They are not made for humor or anything like that!

6) IMPORTANT: The first main (Ch 8 to 30-40)world arc is just for entertainment (It would be great of you could take it as such) and introduction of the MC,the System and the world. The main plot begins in the Game Arc after the main world arc.

7) The Story have some extreme overreactions on some occasions which are intentionally made stupid and illogical. They are not an attempt at smart humor. They are made to be stupid to give the story a lighter touch on occasions. Please don't talk logic about that and take them as what they are...

***** Warning!!!*****

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***** Spoilers ahead****

***** Spoilers ahead****

******You shouldn't read before reading 100 chapters*****

1) All the missions that Janus gives at the beginning are important even the random ones related to girls. That's all related to his previous life and would be explained later on.

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2) The story Involves Reincarnation! Which will be the main plot point of the story and more important than time travel.

3) The MC will travel to other dimensions as well.

4) Real Gods exist in this world in the higher world, and the MC is related to them.

5) Undead Realm and the Undead Army will be involved in the story as well. The MC will be mostly against the Undead, but he will also get power to make and control undead.

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6) The Story have hobbits, vampires,elves and many more. It will be a vast world filled with great adventures when we get moving.

Divinity: Against the Godly System Chapter 0: Plot Info (MUST READ)
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