Divinity: Against the Godly System

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This was a really nice story that was well thought out and i read it all I loved every part of the story except the ending which isnt bad but isnt good either but there might be a part 2 where we see the other world


The story is much more interesting than the same Supreme Magus, and most importantly, romance develops, you feel that the characters are alive.


The novel is really good but it was ruined for me at some point. It had really good potential to be in top 20 but it seems like the author rushed cause I've read till the latest chapter and there were so many questions not answered. Like👇Spoiler AlertSalem's quest to rule the death domain, we don't know why Salem wanted that and we don't know what happened between Salem and the Death emperor cos it's like the Death emperor told Salem to rule over the Death domain. How did the MC know how to bring the moon scythe in the real world. Who is Lucifer cause he/she said he has a goal but we don't know anything about the person and it seems like chaos got all the fragments and I think the thunder fragment was with Lucifer so what happened. Why did Janus say Ryder should not stop Alice from playing Divinity What about Fatty brother that looks like Ryder Ryder's parents also So many questions not answered and it's like the novel is reaching the finale. It was rushed a lot. So many interesting plots to make the novel longer and more interesting And MC for me is kinda stupid in some aspects. SORRY FOR THE LONG REVIEW, JUST PAINED ME THAT A GOOD POTENTIAL NOVEL IS NOT PROPERLY DONE.


The story itself is amazing and the concept is really good if you can ignore the typos here and there. Once you get to around 300-400 it gets amazing since unlike normal system books this book also values the real-world concept to a degree that most don't and it's why it is such a good novel. I highly recommend this book since even though the first few chapters aren't all that great it gets really good.


ok till now i've read till chapter 40 and honestly, its trash. you see, the trope of 'systems' are good because of its world-defying properties and its very different style. Even though of recent times, it has been abused as hell. But this novel, this trash novel, has turned it into dung cakes. every single 'mission' assigned to the mc has something to do with seduction or romance, which is completely useless. Then, the novel had to written by a chinese author, every single novel written by them, have the 'dominance' aspect to it which is trashy and a waste of words. Then it has to add the Male>Female and strong>weak thing, which is horrible storytelling. lastly it is bad concepts overall in this story. 1/5 stars, please don't waste your time here.


sometimes its broken and doesn't flow but the overall story is there and not bad. very different from normal system novels. its all over the place and not at the same time you'll know what i mean when you read it.


the LN is lit the first 50 or so chaps might be boring but the more you turn about the plot the more the 50 make sense and so far the way that the world was built and how they go back and forth with chaos and Ryder is nice


This is one of the most cliche things I've ever read. It's like every other system novel and offers nothing unique to set it apart from others. 1 out of 5 stars