Crazy Leveling System
Chapter 775

Chapter 775

The Evil Spirit Race leader kept mocking Yi Tianyun and his conviction to provoke Yi Tianyun into killing them. They knew that their chance to live was already down the drain, and the next best thing was getting rid of this painful torture and die immediately!

“You just want me to kill you faster, don’t you? But don’t worry, watching you all burn slowly brings joy to me. I will be here all the time to watch you burn no matter how many days it might take!” Yi Tianyun said menacingly. “But wait, I have a new idea that might torture you for much longer! You know the weak are prey for the strong, right? But only heartless ones like you would agree with such an argument, so to make things interesting, why don’t I heal you a bit?” Yi Tianyun said as he pulled out the Longevity Ring from his storage.

This ring would discharge a strong recovery wave that would heal anyone he wanted, but he adjusted the healing rate so that it couldn’t exceed the damage caused by Immortal Fire. Sure enough, the Evil Spirit Race leaders’ limb began to heal as their recovery speed was enhanced by the Longevity Ring’s power. But at the same time, Yi Tianyun intensified the Immortal Fire that it burned them more intensely and painfully.

“What are you doing? Why are you healing us! You are worse than a monster!” the leaders shouted at Yi Tianyun coldly.

“Our Race will kill you mercilessly! You will be swallowed like a cattle!” another screamed in torturous pain. In fact, they all were screaming bloody murder from the excruciating pain they felt from the Immortal Fire.

This was Yi Tianyun’s way of calming down his anger as he was really angry and disgusted by what these people had been doing for so many years!

The Evil Spirit Race Expert and Water Dragon Emperor were watching Yi Tianyun tortured the Evil Spirit Race Leaders, and horror couldn’t be concealed from their faces as they saw that demons were basically cute compared to Yi Tianyun!

Yi Tianyun then turned his back on the leaders and went further into the building to search for any living being beside the Evil Spirit Race inside. He knew that they should have kept so many sacrifices so their life would be easier and comfortable inside this Heaven Swallowing Divine Treasure!

Sure enough, Yi Tianyun saw a dozen girls tied up to the wall! Their condition was bad enough, but they still smiled when they saw Yi Tianyun. Their eyes were full of relief and joy as they realised that Yi Tianyun was there to free and rescue them from this demon pit!

Yi Tianyun took out his Longevity Necklace and used its power to heal their wounds from within their body. At that moment, Yi Tianyun realised that these women were pregnant with the Evil Spirit Race’s offspring in their bellies. So, without even hesitating, Yi Tianyun used his immortal fire to destroy those offspring without harming the girls’ bodies.

If any other cultivator saw what Yi Tianyun was doing to the girl, they would say it was a waste. Such a great recovery power was wasted on useless people with no power! That was because these girls’ cultivation was destroyed, shattering their chance to become a strong cultivator in the future!

Nonetheless, Yi Tianyun still did it as it would make him feel better. He knew that none of what happened here was these girls’ fault, and it was not fair to let them suffer any further. As Yi Tianyun healed them, their tongue that was severed by the Evil Spirit Race began to grow back, and their cultivation began to recover little by little.

Their cultivation took time to recover, but their physique was fully healed in a matter of minutes.

“Thank you very much, my lord! You don’t need to save us, but you did it still!” one girl said gratefully. They have been thinking of ending their lives as their situation was hopeless, and they felt depressed as they didn’t think anyone would save them from these demons.

“We were already thinking of dying here as we never expected to be rescued like this. We have been thinking of taking revenge if we are rescued, but we don’t think that is possible!” another girl said with a sad look on her face.

“Well, if you want to die, I won’t stop you from doing so, but if you want to exact your revenge towards these people, I can help you with that!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“Thank you, my lord! You have done so much for us even though you didn’t know us. We will do anything you ask for!” the girl said confidently. They couldn’t torture the Evil Spirit Race leader more than they were at this point. They could stab them until they were satisfied, but it wouldn’t do much more towards those leaders.

Before they were brought here, their innate ability was considered that of a genius. The Evil Spirit Race leaders used them for breeding the next generation of Evil Spirit Race to ensure that the next generation of Evil Spirit Race had a genius-level innate ability!

“You know that there is still a lot of Evil Spirit Race in the three realms. We will have to capture them and finish them off to the root to maintain the peace in the three realms!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“If you really want to take revenge, then rise up! I will give you enough resources and training that you will be back to become a cultivation expert in no time!” Yi Tianyun said charmingly. This was the only option that Yi Tianyun knew to help these poor girls’ vendetta. He didn’t know whether they would gladly accept his offer or not as it would be a thorny path ahead of them if they accepted his offer.

But, the next moment, one girl stood up with a little despair in her eyes. But she was filled with killing intent to the brim. Yi Tianyun nodded as he knew that the girl that stood up just now accepted his offer.

Chapter 775
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