Crazy Leveling System
Chapter 724

Yi Xingchen was saved and therefore proved that Yi Tianyun’s antidote was a top-notch Medicinal Pill! Yi Xingchen gradually recovered beyond anyone’s expectation as he looked so weak earlier, but now, he was brimming with life! Yi Tianyun’s antidote was equal to a Divine Tool Weapons, so this level of effect was bound to happen!

The Blood Essence contained within the antidote would dissolve into the patient’s body steadily. It even boasted its effect to amplify the patient’s blood essence in a blink of an eye. All the patient had to do now was cultivate since Yi Xingche’s cultivation should be regressing after spending such a long time inside the Water Crystal Coffin!

But Yi Tianyun predicted his father would be able to achieve his peak condition once again in just a year! Suo Kaifeng immediately rearranged Yi Tianyun and his family’s accommodation in Sealing Heaven Divine Nation. Although there might be so many people who still felt bitter towards Yi Tianyun, Suo Kaifeng didn’t care at all. It was not like those people could do anything against Yi Tianyun now that they have realised how powerful he was.

After a few days of rest, Suo Kaifeng invited Yi Tianyun to the hall once again. This time, Yi Xingchen already knew everything that happened to him and his son in the past, but he still had a hard time believing that his son was a powerful cultivator now and have exceeded even his power before all this happened!

And of course, in these few days, Yi Xingchen has talked and shared moments of his life and asked for the same thing about his son’s life that they have developed quite a father and son bond that they never had before.

“Family Lord!” Yi Xingchen said as he arrived at the hall.

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“You are finally here!” Suo Kaifeng said as he looked at Yi Xingchen and his family with a smile on his face. “I believe that you can already guess what I wanted to say. That reason is to ask you wholeheartedly to return to Sealing Heaven Divine Nation. I know that we have made a lot of mistakes, but this is how our ancestors had drilled it in our heads in the form of custom. Then again, I believe we could change. With that said, I ask your help to claim a better future for our faction!” Suo Kaifeng said respectfully to Yi Xingchen’s Family.

“With all of our joined effort, I assure you that Sealing Heaven Divine Nation would change for the better. The future will be bright and Sealing Heaven Divine Nation would definitely depend on you in the future as their next Family Lord!” Suo Kaifeng said hopefully.

“Family Lord, what do you mean?” Yi Yuanlong said as he was surprised by Suo Kaifeng’s word.

“I will pass the Family Lord title to you. That’s what I’ve intended from the beginning. Great Elder and Third Elder are indeed great cultivators and ambitious, but you are clearly stronger than them! The only thing that holds you back is the lack of motivation to do better.” Suo Kaifeng said with a smile on his face.

“I wished all of you have it in you to forgive Sealing Heaven Divine Nation and help improve the faction in the future! It’s undeniable that I already saw what Yi Tianyun was capable of, and he can easily fill the empty elder’s position with himself. This is an important factor as Sealing Heaven Divine Nation was clearly weak right now, and other factions may take a chance at us in the near future!” Suo Kaifeng said with a solemn face.

It was a very honest approach as Suo Kaifeng didn’t want to go through a roundabout way to the people that he would trust the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s future on.

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“I am very sorry, Family Lord. But it all depends on my father’s decision!” Yi Tianyun said as he looked at his father.

“Thank you, son. And Family Lord, I think I will return and do my best for Sealing Heaven Divine Nation in the future. Although I know that there are so many people inside Sealing Heaven Divine Nation who still opposed my return, I want Jiao Linghe to come with me too! I understand that I already owe Sealing Heaven Divine Nation so much, and I have to make up for it. I believe that those who opposed us would gradually change their mind in the future.” Yi Xingchen said respectfully. “But there is another dilemma that makes me hesitate. My son, Yi Tianyun, has his own faction on Mortal World, and it’s hard for him to give up on it. Thus, I will not force my decision on him and let him choose what is best for him.” Yi Xingchen said with a smile to his son.

Yi Tianyun smiled and looked at his father with pride. He already discussed this with his father earlier and came up with a decision. “I am very sorry, but I can’t join Sealing Heaven Divine Nation at the moment, but I will definitely help Sealing Heaven Divine Nation in the future if they are in any form of trouble!” Yi Tianyun said confidently. Although the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation left a bad impression on him, his blood-related family is all here, so he couldn’t ignore them!

Suo Kaifeng looked a bit disappointed, but he was a bit relieved when he heard that Yi Tianyun would definitely help. He didn’t have any power to pressure Yi Tianyun to join, so he let Yi Tianyun did whatever he wants.

“But I want to inform you about a predicament that would definitely happen in the future that needs our joint effort to take care of!” Yi Tianyun said before he began explaining about the demon he encountered on Mortal World before he entered Heaven World. He also told them his prediction that the demon would definitely be able to break free in about 100 years’ time!

“I’ve already read this before! The ancestor has a record about this Demonic Creature that they fought on Mortal World and successfully sealed it thousand years ago, but I didn’t think it would survive that long!” Suo Kaifeng said with a surprised look on his face.

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The ancestor grasped victory thanks to the presence of Divine King in the past, but now that they didn’t have any Divine King, it would be hard to do the same thing!

“Yes, it was quite a peculiar case as the demon itself wasn’t weakened by the passage of time. In act, it actually got stronger! That is one of the reasons that I can’t disband my faction in Mortal World as I have to make sure that it properly connected the three realms, and when the time comes, I hope that it would become the heart that would unify the three realms to fight against that demon!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Suo Kaifeng pondered about it a little bit and finally made his decision. “I didn’t think I would last a hundred years with my current power, but I will surely preserve myself by any means necessary to that day! I will rise and fight the demon with all of the cultivators later with all other Old Ancestors!” Suo Kaifeng said confidently.

Sealing Heaven Divine Nation still had their Old Ancestor, although all of them were being preserved inside the Water Crystal Coffin. But when the time came, Suo Kaifeng was determined to wake them all up!

“Our current situation is a little bleak as there is no Divine King Cultivator in this world right now!” Suo Kaifeng said as he realised the main difference between the past and the present.

“I will try my best to dig out any information about the Divine King later.” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

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“No, that’s not the problem right now. I didn’t think they still existed in the three realms! No one ever heard anything from them for hundreds of years!” Suo Kaifeng said as he shakes his head.

“Well, if that was the only problem, it would be solved as soon as I become the next Divine King!” Yi Tianyun said with a shrug on his shoulder. “Once I become a Divine King, I would smash this demon once and for all!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 724
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