Once the girls disappeared from the scene, we were able to finally relax a bit more and be able to talk about what we went through, we needed to update Lily on everything because she wasn't there with us. As someone that also know the truth and all, she needed to know the bare minimum.

"I-I see, so a lot really happened! You even meet agents from a secret paranormal agency? Oh my, it is like those 80's movies I used to enjoy with my mother in the cinema." Lily giggled, recalling her past. "Ah, it also kind of reminds me of men in black a bit! Don't you think?"

"U-Uh, yeah, maybe." I said while giggling a bit. "Though it was much more different. They gave me their numbers… And there's the whole hunter thing. Well, you've seen the news already, right?"

"Yeah, I've learned a few things… Well, I am relieved everything went alright, even if in that last minute you guys were almost… dragged by the Demon King of Death." She sighed in relief; her adorable Brownie avatar was cute when she sighed.

"More importantly, it would be nice if we could meet up together to give you some equipment and magic… Wait, Lily are you willing to help?" Wondered Rita.

"Yeah, I wouldn't want to force you if you don't really want to." I said.

"Same." Mark nodded. "Though… another partner would be really useful."

"I had the entire week to think about it… My life has been rather uninteresting. I have… always regretted not doing so many things I ever wanted." She sighed. "I feel like if I let go of this opportunity to help protect my world, I might regret it in the future like I've regretted the many other things I never tried, nor I sought in my younger years."

Lily had a rather lonely life. She had told me a few times about how she had regretted never having tried to find a man in her younger years, and how lonely she feels now while most of her friends are all married women. I helped her back then in her plant shop, so I am willing to help her once more.

"So?" Asked Rita.

"It is a yes~" Lily said with a gentle smile. "I would… love to me at you guys side! I-I want to do something… more special, more important, maybe? I… feel like I must."

"I guess it's decided then." I nodded. "Great Spirit, can you feel from here what affinities she might have?"

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"Hmmm…" The Great Spirit analyzed Lily for a little while. "She might have the knack for it! But isn't she already awakening some sort of power in her own?"

"Eh?!" We all reacted in shock.

"A-Ah… W-Well, something like that…" Lily sighed. "Some days ago I suddenly started hearing the plants in my shop… talk. And other times, I hear the laughter of, perhaps spirits. O-Oh, and one of my plants was beginning to grow… very big, and dancing."

"D-Dancing plants?" Asked Rita.

"Well, I guess you're awakening a power by yourself, but a magic circle will help you learn spells much more easily too, so it will be a plus." I nodded.

"Yaay!" Lily celebrated. "I'll be looking forward to that! When are we doing it?"

"Maybe tomorrow morning?" Asked Mark.

"Yeah, sounds good." I agreed.

"Ugh, okay, I'll have to wake up early in the morning though, what a pain." Rita sighed.

"Anyways! Now that we are done with this, we should quickly move to our next task." I said. "Before departing I would like to first adress the situation of the territory! I'll be building a wall as well, and we'll level up many other buildings and the village so it can grow much bigger!"

I had a lot of Community Points available right now, so I wanted to spend them into reinforcing my territory defenses and increasing the village's size and other things. I was also thinking about helping Titania rebuild her city faster through this method, but I don't know if she'll accept more of my help, she is quire prideful at the end.

"Let's see…" As I stood above the house's rooftop, I checked the town's infrastructures and the blueprints I had.

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<Registered Buildings>

[Rustic Wooden House: Lv1] x25

[Rustic Tree House: Lv1] x25

[Living Wood Wall: Lv1] x4

[Rough Paved Road: Lv1] x5

[Public Bathroom: Lv1] x5

[Guardian Spirit Totems: Lv1] x4

Hmm, I had the same as before anyways, nobody here can create the special buildings I can, and those they people have made themselves seem to not be registered. However, if I search deeper, it seems I can still "upgrade" them using resources until they become registered.

Leveling up buildings will increase their habitable area tremendously and will also increase their stats. They often have Effects, sometimes they'll help at resting well, other times they might even have effects that can increase stats, magic, or something else.

And then there are my current blueprints…


[Blueprint: Small Farm] x1,

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[Blueprint: Stone Walls] x1,

[Blueprint: Wooden Watch Tower] x1

[Blueprint: Mushroom Farm] x1,

[Blueprint: Mushroom Castle] x1

There are two ways to get Blueprints, one is as rewards from Territory Management-related Quests, and the other by creating them. All the previous buildings that already exist are registered as blueprints, and the ones in this list are the ones I've received from quests, which are unique and I haven't tried to construct myself.

The benefit of Blueprints is that I can use them like magic scrolls, by simply offering the necessary materials, the blueprints will activate and create the whole building in a single second, facilitating the expansion and growth process tremendously.

I suppose I could start by building something classy, how about my own castle? A cute mushroom castle will do!

"Use Blueprint: [Mushroom Castle]!" I said, using the commands as several materials inside of my Inventory quickly disappeared, alongside a good chunk of my MP.


[You've exchanged x250 Mushroom-type Items, x1000 Large Stones, x1000 Wood Pieces, and 5000 MP]

[The construction of the [Mushroom Castle] Building has started.]


The latest_epi_sodes are on_the ɴᴏᴠᴇʟᴘᴜʙ.ᴄᴏᴍ website.

Right in the area I designated, a building started to materialize out of particles of light and pixels, it was a sight to behold…

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