Chapter 1881 “Mother is Heaven (3)”

Next day.

The morning light brightly shone through the crack in the windowsill, the air still lingering with the scent of the two occupants wrestle in the night. This brought comfort to the slumbering mistress of this bed-chamber. Nevertheless, it was about time she awoke from her rest after noticing the missing partner that should’ve been holding her body.

“Mother, can I come in?” Just then, a young voice drifted through the closed door and sent her into a panic. She’s still drowsy over the long exercise throughout the night so the demon queen didn’t expect this sudden intrusion.

“Wait!” Bai Yan hurriedly shouted as she scrambled to get out of bed and got dressed. She’s covered in sexual marks with that birth suit of hers so it wouldn’t do at all before her child. Coughing after covering all the evidence, “Come in.”

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The door swung open following the permission and in came the steambun. He’s dressed in the luxurious robe of royalty, giving him the air of supremacy that could quickly draw the attention of the opposite sex.

“Mother, Father had gone out without me! He woke me up in the middle of the night and told me to pass on a message to you that he’s going to find something for Ling Yan’s bead.”

Bai Yan appears stunned in the face over this bombshell.

Di Cang went looking for something to help Ling Yan? Did he already know what to do? Why didn’t he tell me yesterday? If I knew, I would have gone with him.

Tightly clenching her fist, she inhales deeply to calm her deteriorating mood: “What else did your father say?”

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“Oh, uh, he said not to look for him, he won’t say and you won’t be able to go on your own. But don’t worry, Father said he will be fine so I’m sure he’s not in danger.” The young voice of her boy only made the demon queen sadder and bittersweet inside.

It seems that the guy knew she would follow him, hence his reasoning for leaving without a word.

“Xiachen, go help me summon First Elder here.” She narrowed her eyes in after giving this instruction.

Bai Yan wants to get more information. Aside from Di Cang and State Teacher, First Elder had the most information since he’s one of the few demons remaining from that era.

“Mother, it’s useless, First Elder also followed Father when they left. The only ones left to protect the Demon Realm are the four sacred beasts. I know Suzaku (phoenix) doesn’t know anything since I asked them about the matter before coming here. They don’t know where Father went either.” Bai Xiachen hung his head in frustration, that expression pitiful and sad.

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“Didn’t you ask him yesterday?” Bai Yan asks for more details since her son was the last to see her husband.

“I did ask…” Bai Xiachen puffs his cheeks up in a pout, “I did ask and refused to let him go unless he takes us with him. But guess what, Father knocked me out and ran away on his own. Mother, you say, am I really his son?”

Why do I always feel like I’m adopted….?

And it’s the one-for-one type of adoption.

Like how Father woke me up in the middle of the night just so he won’t disturb Mother. Then there’s the part about him always tossing me aside so I won’t pester him and Mother’s time together. Worse, he actually knocked me out when I asked him where he’s going….

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“Your father wouldn’t let you go with him for fear that you would be in danger. I sense that the place he’s heading to would be dangerous.”

Otherwise, Di Cang wouldn’t have left without a word to me in person….

Bai Yan’s heart grew more and more worried after thinking about this. However, she didn’t dare to show it in front of her boy.

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